Valve Aggressively Cracks Down on CS:GO Boosting Lobbies - How to Report Such Cases

Valve Aggressively Cracks Down on CS:GO Boosting Lobbies - How to Report Such Cases

Aditya Singh Rawat
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  • Valve employee comes forward to suggest a method for reporting boosting lobbies in CS:GO.
  • A CS:GO user goes ahead and tries this method to check how effective it really is, ends up getting 40 boosting accounts "permanently disabled".
  • The community is ecstatic to see that Valve is finally stepping up and aggressively going behind such boosting accounts.

Valve is buckling down and getting serious when it comes to getting rid of boosters from CS:GO. Just yesterday a picture had surfaced online showcasing Valve’s official Steam Support  message to a CS:GO booster, informing the user about his/her Steam account getting “permanently disabled”. It seems that was not the only case, ‘u/birkir’ has come forward with substantial proof that a Valve suggested method for reporting boosting lobbies in CS:GO is legit and that it actually works. Around 40 CS:GO users reported by him have been blocked from accessing their Steam accounts, and this has gotten the community really excited.

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Valve has started cracking down on CS:GO boosters

A Valve Employee who goes by the name of ‘DanB_VALVE’ on Reddit, a few days back suggested an effective way of reporting boosting lobbies in CS:GO. The user while referring to the picture posted below said the following,

“This is a lobby meant for boosting Profile XP and Skill Groups. If you see this happening, please send over a screenshot to csgoteamfeedback at valvesoftware dot com ( and title the email "Boosting Lobby". We'll be happy to take a look. Thanks!”

Valve Aggressively Cracks Down on CS:GO Boosting Lobbies - How to Report Such Cases

To see whether this method actually worked or not, ‘u/birkir’ started finding matches like the one shown in the picture above. Taking Valve up on the challenge, the user went on to find 4 similar matches and reported all the 40 users across these lobbies. Well, the response from Valve was “super effective” as all the reported accounts were permanently disabled.

According to ‘u/birkir’, the whole process took him around 10 minutes which is evident from the email timestamps in the image attached below. He says that it is ”about the same time as doing 1 Overwatch case, to report 40 boosting accounts”. But to make things more efficient he has further initiated the process to start working on a bot, automating the entire process to achieve more positive results in lesser amount of time.

Valve Aggressively Cracks Down on CS:GO Boosting Lobbies - How to Report Such Cases

However, users will not be awarded any XP points via this process. So, all users who are ready to make this sacrifice for making the overall CS:GO experience better, can come forward and start contributing. Just 10 minutes of their time everyday and over time we will definitely start to see the results.

Also, Valve is very strict with these punishments stating beforehand that,

“The lock on this account is permanent and we cannot help you further with this. Please note you will not receive another reply about this issue and we will not be re-enabling the account.”

The CS:GO community is pleased with the response that Valve has been giving to the problems related to the game. Recently, they came forward to confirm that there was indeed something wrong with the ‘Trust Factor’ system and fixed it. Now a couple of days later, the developers have decided to curb boosting of CS:GO ranks and profile levels.

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