Critical Bug Ignored by Valve Impacts Crucial CS:GO Round Between Mouz and FaZe

Critical Bug Ignored by Valve Impacts Crucial CS:GO Round Between Mouz and FaZe

Aditya Singh Rawat
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  • A critical CS:GO bug long ignored by Valve has resulted in mousesports losing crucial round against FaZe Clan.
  • The game-breaking 'shift walk crouch inaccuracy’ bug has already been highlighted by 2 community members previously.
  • The bug was observed when frozen after shift walking instantly crouched before firing at coldzera, resulting in high inaccuracy and him losing the duel.

A critical CS:GO bug commonly referred to as the ‘shift walk crouch inaccuracy’ bug that was first discovered in 2019, still exists in-game as Valve continues to ignore the issue even after 2 years. The game-breaking bug directly impacts bullet accuracy, every time a player crouches and takes a shot after shift walking. The first few bullets of a spray are highly inaccurate whenever this pattern is followed. The bizarre interaction goes against the intended game mechanics, recently affecting the outcome of a duel between David "frozen" Čerňanský and Marcelo "coldzera" David, during their match in the currently ongoing DreamHack Masters Spring 2021.

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Critical CS:GO bug impacts crucial CS:GO round

The ‘shift walk crouch inaccuracy’ bug was first discovered by ‘u/Zoddom’ in 2019 and took the CS:GO community by surprise, as it is one of the basics that every new player is introduced to when learning the game. Almost a year later the bug was once again highlighted by ‘u/birkir’, which showcased that Valve had clearly ignored this problem.

Now, almost 2 years later the problem has once again come under the spotlight as it recently impacted a crucial round of competitive CS:GO in a match between mousesports and FaZe Clan.

Both the teams had won their respective map picks and were playing the decider on Overpass. The score was levelled at ‘6-6’ when the incident took place, frozen playing CT-sided had caught coldzera taking the first shot at him. But as he was shift walking and then crouched before firing, the bug activated resulting in the first few shots being highly inaccurate.

Due to this, he lost the exchange as coldzera struck back at him, escaping unhurt while frozen went down. FaZe Clan went on to win that round, followed by 3 more rounds in succession to gain an upper hand at the halftime mark. Though mousesports made a successful comeback and secured the series ‘2-1’, this bug could have resulted in more serious consequences under a different scenario or circumstance.

Valve really needs to push out a solution for this bug, whose occurrence is quite common due to the common nature of the action that triggers it. To help the developer better understand this issue ‘u/Zoddom’ even presented a mathematical explanation while stating that,

“The accuracy gain a user gets from walking is more rather than running, but when the user crouches they immediately lose that effect and the movement inaccuracy is calculated as if they were running.”

Critical Bug Ignored by Valve Impacts Crucial CS:GO Round Between Mouz and FaZe

This is a seriously huge bug that directly impacts CS:GO’s gameplay, Valve ignoring this for so long is very unfortunate. Hope that the developers can fix this as soon as possible so all of us can find a new reason to blame all the missed shots on.

Critical Bug Ignored by Valve Impacts Crucial CS:GO Round Between Mouz and FaZe

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