CS:GO Community Slams Valve as ‘Trust Factor’ Fix Does Not Stop Cheaters

CS:GO Community Slams Valve as ‘Trust Factor’ Fix Does Not Stop Cheaters

Aditya Singh Rawat
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  • CS:GO community slams Valve following the 'Trust Factor' fix as cheaters continue to run rampant in matchmaking.
  • A few raised important questions and demanded answers from Valve following a vague public statement about having fixed the system.
  • Some helpful suggestions were also made and discussed upon but its implementation is highly unlikely.

Valve had published a statement yesterday on 30 April, revealing that there had indeed been a problem with the ‘Trust Factor’, which was responsible for all the recent “bad matches” CS:GO players were witnessing. The developers had further claimed that all the issues with the ‘Trust Factor’ had been fixed and “it is now working as intended”. But it seems that the situation within the servers has not improved much, as multiple community members continue to complain about instances of rampant cheating. While also putting forth questions related to the ‘Trust Factor’ due to Valve’s public statement being quite vague.

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CS:GO community slams Valve as ‘Trust Factor’ fix does not prevent cheaters

Valve had thanked the CS:GO community for providing valuable feedback yesterday, that had helped them fix problems with the ‘Trust Factor’. However, the developers did not state the reasons that had been the cause of the problem in the first place, neither did they provide details about the things that had been fixed or patched. 

The official statement given by Valve was very vague in description, blaming the ‘Trust Factor’ for the recent spike in the number of cheating instances during matchmaking. This was followed by them informing the community that everything had been fixed, without providing any proof or an update log.

This was immediately picked up on by the community members, as ‘u/AR771’ came forward to raise an important question, “The real question is for how long was it off A day? A week? A month?”

CS:GO Community Slams Valve as ‘Trust Factor’ Fix Does Not Stop Cheaters

Many users came forth to give their own answers to the question, but the fact is that only Valve knows the exact duration for which the ‘Trust Factor’ system had been down. The solution that the users arrived on was that “Valve needs a dedicated VACnet team - to work on it (Trust Factor) and monitor it everyday. Trust casually being broken for (a) few months should NOT be happening”

This is because the filtering system is very essential and a major tool to keep cheaters at bay. With it being compromised the matchmaking experience would be absolutely ruined with there being no system in place to effectively identify these bad actors.

Apart from this, the major feedback from the community was that cheaters still continue to ruin matchmaking, raising questions about the effectiveness of both the fix and the compromised ‘Trust Factor’ system. As ‘u/necromantzer’ came forth to comment that “Trust factor working or not doesn’t change the massive amount of spinbotters/cheaters that are still not banned and ruining matches”.

While popular CS:GO content creator ‘CykaHotFire’ said that he found a cheater in his match just 15 minutes before Valve published their statement, “I don’t think it is fixed lmao”.

CS:GO Community Slams Valve as ‘Trust Factor’ Fix Does Not Stop Cheaters

All this comes just a few days after there was a huge uproar within the CS:GO community about Valve’s double standards. When they ignored long known issues about the ‘Trusted Mode’, but quickly secured an ‘OBS loophole’ which was a boon to all CS:GO streamers and content creators.

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