Valve Fixes ‘Trusted Mode’ for CS:GO Following Heavy Community Backlash

Valve Fixes ‘Trusted Mode’ for CS:GO Following Heavy Community Backlash

Aditya Singh Rawat
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  • Valve publishes a statement accepting that 'Trusted Mode' was not working properly while confirming that they have fixed it.
  • This comes after severe CS:GO community backlash following double-standard behavior showcased by Valve on 24 April.
  • Valve did not specify what the actual problem with 'Trusted Mode' was and what exactly did they fix.

Valve seems to have finally fixed ‘Trusted Mode’ for CS:GO following heavy community backlash. The developers seem to have taken action after the community got enraged for their double-standard behavior showcased a few days back on 24 April, when they successfully patched the ‘OBS loophole’ while ignoring multiple issues with the ‘Trusted Mode’ that had existed since the beginning. The ‘OBS loophole’ was a workaround solution that was a boon for all CS:GO streamers, allowing them to use the software while playing CS:GO in ‘Trusted Mode’. But as soon as it became public knowledge, Valve immediately secured it. 

This did not go down well for them, as many users requested the mode to be completely removed due to it not reducing the cheating instances in-game. With many other pre-existing problems still not fixed, Valve was in a bad position as community members kept listing out the problems with ‘Trusted Mode’ that they faced on a daily basis.

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Valve rolls out fix for ‘Trusted Mode’

In a statement released by Valve earlier today, the developers accepted that the ‘Trusted Mode’ was actually not working as intended. They further stated that problems with it had been resolved yesterday on 28 April and that it should now be working perfectly. They went on to thank everyone for their valuable feedback, which is Valve’s way of saying thanks to the CS:GO community.

They did not specifically mention what all problems had been resolved and in what way had ‘Trusted Mode’ benefitted from them. It was a very vague statement simply stating that ‘Trusted Mode’ should now be working for what it was designed to do. 

This in itself should be a big relief for the CS:GO community who had a lot of complaints about increasing cheater activity during matchmaking. Something that was pointed out by known CS:GO talents Harry "JustHarry" Russell and Mohan "launders" Govindasamy as well.

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Community responds to fixed 'Trusted Mode'

Despite the fix, multiple CS:GO personalities and users had a suggestion or a comment for CS:GO except for Ninjas in Pyjamas who went ahead with their usual “Nice!”

Popular CS:GO streamer ‘Anomaly’ gave definition to the term “bad matches” used by CS:GO in their statement, describing it as “meeting 99 spinbotters in a row”. Despite this being quite a far-fetched take, a lot of community members resonated with this statement.

Former journalist DeKay recalled an earlier tweet as an example of what ‘Trusted Mode’ matchmaking used to be, while stating “Good to know it wasn’t the new normal”.

Renowned CS:GO talent Tres "stunna" Saranthus simply suggested Valve to, “revamp matchmaking and it’s anti-cheat,” something that is very unlikely to happen but still worth a try.

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