Latest Update Results in Multiple Problems for CS:GO, Valve Responds Quickly

Latest Update Results in Multiple Problems for CS:GO, Valve Responds Quickly

Aditya Singh Rawat
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  • Latest CS:GO update results in multiple problems for the game as Valve responds quickly to try and fix a couple of them.
  • McJohn (Valve Developer) responds to 2 issues - successfully implementing a fix for one of them while partially solving the other.
  • A few problems still remain and hopefully Valve will soon be rolling out a fix to solve them as well.

Valve dropped a small update for CS:GO a few days back on 27 April. While the update was barely 20 MB in size with a summary consisting of only 2 points, it seems to have resulted in a lot of problems for CS:GO and the community is not at all happy about it. A few major problems that have cropped up after the update are multiple server plugins not working, some custom materials in community maps having missing textures, console command key not working in European keyboards, and the in-game CS:GO language changing to a weird code dialect (Main Menu displaying as SFUI_MainMenu_PlayButton, Competitive changing to SFUI_GameModeCompetitive, and more).

Valve Developer - McJohn has come forward and tried to fix a few of these problems like the unusual in-game code language and server plugins not working. While some fixes seem to be working perfectly, there are still a few complaints about some unanswered issues that continue to persist.

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CS:GO faces problems following new update, Valve responds

The latest 20 MB update that was rolled out by Valve for CS:GO has resulted in a lot of problems for the game and the community is not happy about it. However, the developers have reacted to these issues with lightning-fast speed and fixed a few of them. But there are still some problems that remain unanswered, which seem to be causing trouble to a large volume of users.

One of the more serious issues reported since the update has been, multiple server plugins not working at all. The problem reported by ‘u/L0uDBrea1her’ was quite problematic especially for third-party platforms like ESEA, FACEIT, and Sourcemod plugins, as “almost all plugins regardless of size and function were having issues loading”.

This particular issue was quickly addressed by McJohn who is a Valve Developer. He explained that the problem might have cropped up due to the new security update. A fix was immediately shipped out to fix the problem with McJohn stating that “Plugins should now be fixed, please force-update your server if they are still not working for you.”

Users have since confirmed that this problem has indeed been fixed and all plugins have started working properly as they should. But the case was not the same when it came to the weird code language being noticed within CS:GO. McJohn had provided a simple solution to the problem, directing players to “restart Steam and (then) restart the game twice”.

However, this did not turn out to be the solution for a lot of users. So the additional solution provided was for everyone to “verify (the) integrity of your game files”. This was followed by McJohn stating that “This issue was specific to Linux and macOS and is now fixed”. But comments by users continue to tell a different story.

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As for the remaining 2 issues, they still seem to be persisting for users and so far no communication from Valve’s side has been registered. While the default console command toggle button not working for multiple European keyboards has a temporary fix, with users having the option to simply switch it to another key. 

The problem with community maps having missing custom materials is quite a serious issue, and this should be the one that the developers focus on fixing next. But overall the CS:GO community is quite pleased with the way Valve has quickly responded to solving some of these issues.

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