Astralis and Na’Vi Engage in Hilarious CS:GO Banter on Twitter

Aditya Singh Rawat
Published On: 24 Apr 2021, 11:05 PM
  • CS:GO organizations Astralis and Na'Vi engage in hilarious banter on Twitter, based on a statement s1mple had made earlier during a Twitch stream.
  • Astralis poked Na'Vi by hinting that they had just practiced against them and "were surprised at their lineup".
  • Na'Vi responded with a banger meme revealing their CS:GO roster that consisted of 5 s1mple's from different nationalities.

Astralis and Natus Vincere were caught poking fun at each other in some hilarious banter on Twitter earlier today. Similar to how Oleksandr "s1mple" Kostyliev talked about the big changes coming to Astralis’ CS:GO lineup, Astralis also put out something alike on Twitter stating that “Just practiced against Natus Vincere and we were surprised at their lineup. Think you’re all gonna be shocked”. The CS:GO community ran with the meme, and discussed that s1mple was well on his way to join the Danish roster. Astralis is yet to announce a replacement for dev1ce who left the squad to join Ninjas in Pyjamas earlier this week.

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Astralis and Na’Vi hit each other with hilarious banter

As soon as Astralis had put out the Tweet, a discussion started online about s1mple moving from Na’Vi to join the Danish organization, While everything was an obvious joke and almost all those who took part in the discussion were aware of it, a few actually thought that it might be true making the whole situation even more hilarious.

Astralis and Na’Vi Engage in Hilarious CS:GO Banter on Twitter

Na’Vi did not ignore the Tweet instead, they responded with an even more hilarious reply as they showed off their complete CS:GO lineup which solely consisted of s1mple in different hairstyles. They had morphed s1mple’s face in different ways according to the nationality he was representing, which made for a banger response.

Astralis and Na’Vi Engage in Hilarious CS:GO Banter on Twitter

The CS:GO users loved this banter and found it extremely hilarious, as Na’Vi responded perfectly to Astralis. The Brazilian community were the first to arrive and loved s1mple’s Brazilian version called 'Simplao'. The French version called ‘le simple’ was also discussed quite a bit.

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For all those that do not get the context behind Astralis’ tweet, it is based on a confession made by s1mple during a recent Twitch stream that had taken place before the recent dev1ce announcement. In that stream, while answering a question put forth by a viewer asking “Is Astralis strong in practice?” s1mple had said that,

“We played Astralis one time, there were not very strong. On one of the maps, however, we were really, really surprised (to see) what players were playing for Astralis. When you find out (about) this, you will also be shocked, I promise. I can't say it now as it is their business. That's what happened.”

This was a huge leak at the time and had prepared the CS:GO community for an upcoming change within the Astralis roster. But it did not help in any manner, because the shock announcement had taken everyone by surprise and literally no one was prepared for it.

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