CS:GO Community Outraged As Valve Ignores Major Issues With ‘Trusted Mode’

CS:GO Community Outraged As Valve Ignores Major Issues With ‘Trusted Mode’

Aditya Singh Rawat
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  • The CS:GO community is outraged at Valve for not fixing multiple major issues with the 'Trusted Mode' since its launch in July 2020.
  • This problem arose following Valve's immediate action against a loophole that allowed OBS to work in 'Trusted Mode'.
  • The community was demanding the removal of 'Trusted Mode' completely following this instance.

The CS:GO community is not at all happy with Valve as the developers continue to ignore the problems that have troubled the players for almost a year now. They had failed to fix multiple issues with the ‘Trusted Mode’, something that the players had been complaining about for a long time now. But all hell broke loose when the developers instead of fixing these pre-existing problems, decided to immediately take action against a loophole that benefitted the CS:GO streamers by allowing the use of OBS (streaming software) in ‘Trusted Mode’. This immediately resulted in a huge uproar by the community members who were outraged at Valve for exhibiting such double standards.

The players immediately requested Valve to simply backtrack and remove the feature from CS:GO entirely, as it apparently does not seem to be adding anything positive or reducing the cheating instances in-game.

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Valve ignores issues with ‘Trusted Mode’ in CS:GO

Valve had released the ‘Trusted Mode’ for CS:GO in July 2020 as a togglable option that players could enable at any time. Its objective was to reduce the injection of third-party programs into the game, with an aim to efficiently combat cheating and significantly reduce such instances. Hence, providing the CS:GO players with a controlled ecosystem within the game itself.

'Trusted Mode' does not allow third party injection

But since its release, the system has been flawed with multiple reports coming in stating that the system does not effectively combat cheating at all. Instead, it simply segregates the player base strictly based on their ‘Trust Factor’. 

Not only this, playing CS:GO in ‘Trusted Mode’ became quite a challenge to tackle for players as all sorts of issues started arising, especially for the streamers who were unable to use streaming software like OBS. Sadly, even after 9 months most of these issues have not been fixed.

Valve immediately blocks OBS loophole from ‘Trusted Mode’

While Valve was completely ignorant towards all the existing issues with the ‘Trusted Mode’, they were super quick to take action against an OBS loophole founded by ‘u/LuaStoned’. The workaround found by him was super useful for all CS:GO streamers who wanted to play in ‘Trusted Mode’ while using OBS, as it used a system loophole to inject the program safely into the game.

The suggestion provided by ‘LuaStoned’ went viral within the CS:GO community catching the attention of a Valve Developer - McJohn who stated that,

“We will close down this particular loophole because (per the FAQ) one of the goals of Trusted mode is to make it trivial to VAC ban someone who has software inside the process when they have claimed to be running without having any third party software injected into the CS:GO game process. Trusted Mode has been extremely successful in this regard. 

I highly recommend AGAINST using this, or any other Trusted Mode injection bypass. Using any method to bypass Trusted Mode protections that result in third-party code being injected into CS:GO can and will catch you a VAC ban, which absolutely will not be rescinded.”

Immediately there was a huge uproar by the CS:GO community who called Valve out for their double standards. Players were outraged because the developers would simply not communicate with the community and when a beneficial workaround was found, they would jump in to fix it immediately.

The infuriated players requested Valve to completely remove the ‘Trusted Mode’ itself as it failed to provide anything positive. The cheating instances were at an all-time high, cheaters could easily bypass and inject any programs that they wanted to run, Valve failed to improve the quality of the feature, and overall this system was even more irritating than normal matchmaking.

The community is furious at the moment while Valve as usual is staying tight-lipped about the situation. Only time will tell whether they will be forced to work things around and improve the ‘Trusted Mode’ or will things continue to progress as it is.

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