[Watch] BIG Completely Outplays EG With a 1000 IQ Fake Masterclass on Dust 2

[Watch] BIG Completely Outplays EG With a 1000 IQ Fake Masterclass on Dust 2

Aditya Singh Rawat
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  • BIG slams EG with a 1000 IQ fake on Dust 2 which forces them to go for a save despite all the players still being alive.
  • BIG came back on both Dust 2 and Nuke in the second half to take down EG with a '16-13' scoreline.

BIG seems to have regained its composure after falling down to the lower bracket of Funspark ULTI 2020. Earlier today, the German lineup took down Evil Geniuses twice with a ‘16-13’ scoreline, on Dust 2 followed by Nuke. The best-of-three series had a lot of interesting moments, but the one that stood out the most was this fake masterclass by BIG on Dust 2. In the 23rd round, BIG forced EG to go for a save despite the whole team still being alive. Such was the beauty of this play that caught the opposition completely off guard, as BIG got the C4 down with less than 10 seconds to spare.

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BIG’s fake masterclass force all 5 EG players to save

Down by 2 rounds, BIG was busy stitching together a perfect comeback as they went on to win the 23rd round against EG in the most fantastic way possible. BIG kept control of mid throughout the round, making their way towards the ‘A-Site’ through ‘A-Short’ with around 40 seconds left on the clock.

BIG used a lot of utility from this position, showing heavy presence while also dishing out significant damage to both Peter "stanislaw" Jarguz and Owen "oBo" Schlatter. EG thought that BIG was planning to force a bit of a late entry through ‘A-Short’ and had rotated their players accordingly. But to their surprise, BIG ran through ‘Mid’ and entered the ‘B-Site’ uncontested, getting the plant down with barely 7 seconds to spare. 

From the clip above one can easily see that It was a complete outplay by BIG, a perfect fake masterclass, as they got the plant down uncontested and forced EG to save the round despite all their players being alive and on the server.

This is not something one gets to see often on Dust 2, BIG utilised their dominant ‘Mid’ control to its maximum possible potential and seemed to be aware that EG was low on utility, a huge reason by they did not attempt a retake. The 1000 IQ call was the highlight of the entire series as EG was made to wait 40 long and painful seconds before the next round could start.

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BIG went on to complete their come back and won on Dust 2 by a score of ‘16-13’. This was immediately followed by another victory on EG’s map pick Nuke, where once again BIG witnessed its revival in the second half. They started the half with a ‘4-11’ deficit and went on to win the game with a ‘16-13’ scoreline once again.

[Watch] BIG Completely Outplays EG With a 1000 IQ Fake Masterclass on Dust 2

With this, EG has been eliminated from their first tournament with the revamped lineup introducing Michał "MICHU" Müller, while BIG proceed ahead to go up against Complexity tomorrow.

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