[Watch] Insane 4 Man Mid-Air Boost On Vertigo That Lies Outside the CS:GO Map


[Watch] Insane 4 Man Mid-Air Boost On Vertigo That Lies Outside the CS:GO Map

Aditya Singh Rawat
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  • This insane four man mid-air Vertigo boost that lies outside the map is going viral within the CS:GO community.
  • It will require a lot of practice and precision before actually being attempted in an official match.
  • There is still a doubt over its legitimacy when it comes to using this boost in a competitive environment.

Imagine you are playing Vertigo and keep dying on the ‘A-Site’ without any clue where you are being shot from. Well, if you are facing such a situation then it is more than likely that the opponent is using this crazy four man boost that lies outside the map. This boost actually requires precise coordination from the entire CS:GO team, where one guy provides the boost to the remaining 4 players towards the platform outside. The same amount of teamwork is once again required when getting off the outside platform, where one wrong mistake can lead to a free multi kill.

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Ridiculous 4 Player Vertigo Boost

The Vertigo boost found by ‘u/m4Ssa’ received a lot of praise from the CS:GO community, mind blown at the fact that the user actually spent so much time to find this crazy boost. Not only this, ‘m4Ssa’ also found a way to execute the whole setup so flawlessly, that all the players who committed to the boost also got out of the situation well and safe. 

The clip above shows how the boost can be executed with one player standing on the edge of the platform in a crouched position, while the remaining 4 players boost on top of him and jump towards the elevator on the outside of the map. These jumps have to be well practiced and executed with extreme precision, otherwise it will be nothing but a team suicide.

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The various downsides to executing this boost is that, it can be used only a few times because once the opponent figures it out they can counter it pretty quickly. It requires a total of 4 players to commit for the boost, this can be a huge negative if the opposite team has an aggressive lurker. Also, if during the boost something goes wrong the team will instantly lose a majority of their side with only a player left alone.

[Watch] Insane 4 Man Mid-Air Boost On Vertigo That Lies Outside the CS:GO Map

This is an exciting boost which has a lot of possibilities but its legality in the professional scene is still under question. However, the community was excited to try it out for themselves, but anyone who even thinks of replicating this needs a full five-man stack and a lot of practice, otherwise this will be nothing but a team suicide and a lost round.

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