Jamppi and VSM Unbanned From Valve Events, React to CS:GO VAC Ban Policy Update

Jamppi and VSM Unbanned From Valve Events, React to CS:GO VAC Ban Policy Update

Aditya Singh Rawat
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  • 2 of the most controversial VAC ban cases in CS:GO have finally been resolved following Valve's VAC ban policy update.
  • Both Jamppi and vsm are now officially unbanned and are eligible to compete in all Valve-sponsored CS:GO tournaments.
  • Their reaction to the news was priceless as the CS:GO community came forward to congratulate and celebrate with them.

Two of the most controversial VAC ban cases in the history of CS:GO have finally been resolved following Valve’s recent VAC ban policy update. Both Elias "Jamppi" Olkkonen and Vinicius "vsm" Moreira came forward and celebrated the fact that they were not banned from participating in Valve-sponsored events anymore. As per the updated guidelines, any VAC banned CS:GO player would be allowed to compete in Valve events once again if at least 5 years had passed since they were handed the ban. As Jamppi and vsm fulfilled this criterion, Valve’s decision became a moment of huge relief for them and the entire CS:GO community showered them with congratulatory messages, pleased with the developers for a change.

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Jamppi Thanks CS:GO

The former professional Counter-Strike player Jamppi had a long legal fight with Valve over his VAC ban, following which he retired from the game and switched over to Valorant, currently playing for Team Liquid. Today, following Valve’s decision of changing the VAC ban guidelines, Jamppi came forward and thanked CS:GO while declaring that he was officially unbanned.

The 19-year-old from Finland was a rising CS:GO star and had a bright future in front of him, but due to an alleged unfair VAC ban placed against him, Jamppi’s future was jeopardized. Teams started considering him as a liability due to his inability to compete in any Valve-sponsored tournaments.

This lead to him missing a chance to play CS:GO for OG, and though he was soon signed by ENCE his tenure with the organization did not go too well. The lawsuit against Valve did not go too well, further pushing him into a pit, so after giving it his best shot Jamppi finally announced his retirement from CS:GO on 27 Jan 2021.

Now just 2 months down the line, he is officially unbanned and can participate in any Valve-sponsored tournament. Unfortunately, it is a bit too late as he has already started playing Valorant competitively with Liquid.

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#VSMisFree Trends on Twitter

The passionate Brazilian CS:GO community went crazy following Valve’s announcement, as #VSMisFree started trending on Twitter just minutes after the VAC ban policy was updated. 

VSM himself took to the platform shortly after to share a screenshot of him uninstalling Valorant, marking his return to the competitive shooter, no more bound by the shackles of a VAC ban that prevented him from competing in any Valve-sponsored tournaments.

Jamppi and VSM Unbanned From Valve Events, React to CS:GO VAC Ban Policy Update

The 21-year-old who has been sitting on DETONA Gaming’s bench since Oct 2020, last seen in action with MIBR on a short loan, might once again be seen in action. If he starts off well and delivers a few strong performances, vsm could soon be signed by a top Brazilian CS:GO team or organization.

The updated policy is a boon for vsm who was handed a VAC ban when he was just 13-years-old, commenting on his return he said that “I had said that one day, I would be able to play the Major and we were going to win, one was just missing the other!”

Jamppi and VSM Unbanned From Valve Events, React to CS:GO VAC Ban Policy Update

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The CS:GO community had nothing but love and support for both the players who might not have been cleared of their VAC bans, but are at least free to participate in the CS:GO Majors and RMR tournaments. Though the decision might have come a bit too late for Jamppi, vsm still has time to work hard and make his way to the top of the competitive Counter-Strike circuit.

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