[Watch] CadiaN Takes an Impossible 1v4 Clutch Against Gambit, CS:GO Responds

[Watch] CadiaN Takes an Impossible 1v4 Clutch Against Gambit, CS:GO Responds

Aditya Singh Rawat
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  • Heroic's AWPer and IGL cadiaN pulls off an impossible 1v4 clutch against Gambit to win ESL Pro League Season 13.
  • The clutch is being hailed as the highlight of cadiaN's career and one of the best plays ever in CS:GO history.
  • CS:GO's official Twitter handle also commented on the clutch, "That’s one way to finish a round, match, and tournament".

Heroic’s IGL and AWPer Casper "cadiaN" Møller became the star of the team following his insane 1v4 clutch against Gambit on map point. Armed with just a P250, CadiaN entered the ‘A-Site’ of Mirage through ‘Jungle’ undetected with an objective to take at least one knife kill, but little did he know that it would turn out to be one of the most epic plays ever made in CS:GO history. The 25-year-old Dane led his team to victory against Gambit in a grueling five-game grand final, which resulted in Heroic becoming the champions of ESL Pro League Season 13.

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CadiaN goes viral after an incredible 1v4 clutch

The CS:GO community went mad following cadiaN’s insane clutch against Gambit on the 22nd round of the final map Mirage. Sitting on map point, Heroic was leading by a score of ‘15-6’ when cadiaN found himself alone against 4 enemy player while playing T-sided. 

Armed with just a P250, cadiaN simply wanted to take just one knife kill to gain some extra cash for the next round, but things slowly snowballed out of control and the Dane simply went with the flow, securing 4 kills and surviving the round on just 2 HP.

The clip above captures the emotions perfectly and you can observe how insanely impossible this clutch was. But somehow things kept falling perfectly in place for cadiaN, as he strung kills one after the other in what can be called a ‘flawless dance of death’.

Other professional players, talents, and the entire CS:GO community had nothing but praise for the man, calling it the best play of cadiaN’s professional career and probably one of the best plays ever in the history of competitive Counter-Strike. If only this was executed during a Major, we would have a graffiti to celebrate and immortalize this moment within the game itself, or just maybe this one time Valve could make an exception?

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CS:GO responds to CadiaN’s impossible clutch

The play was legit so incredible that CS:GO’s official account came forward to share a clip of the post-match interview, where cadiaN goes on to talk about the impossible last round clutch.

He goes on to describe how he crept up as everyone was distracted and only wanted one knife kill for some extra money next round, and ended up taking a quad kill during which he even accidentally opened his console.

[Watch] CadiaN Takes an Impossible 1v4 Clutch Against Gambit, CS:GO Responds

A once in a blue moon round that won Heroic the map, the match, and the tournament. This particular play will be long remembered and will be cadiaN’s career highlight until he can churn something even better in the coming time.

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