Everything You Need to Know About CS:GO Danger Zone Ranks

Everything You Need to Know About CS:GO Danger Zone Ranks

Aditya Singh Rawat
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  • Danger Zone is a special game mode in CS:GO that has been inspired from a Battle Royale style of gameplay.
  • The Danger Zone ranking system is independent from both the Wingman and Competitive Matchmaking rank system.
  • Danger Zone has a unique ranking system while also having special rank titles and insignias.

Danger Zone is a Battle Royale inspired CS:GO game mode that was released by Valve in December 2018. Danger Zone is not like the other regular game modes available in CS:GO, it has totally different objectives, gameplay, equipment, strategy, and even a separate map pool. As this is a battle royale inspired game mode a total of 18 players compete against each other during a match, and the last man who remains standing automatically wins the game. Danger Zone initially started off as a casual game mode that players could play for fun, but 7 months after its release in July an exclusive Danger Zone skill group was introduced by Valve.

The Danger Zone skill group is independent of the Wingman and the main Competitive ranking systems. Even the rank titles and insignias are completely different from the other two, who share a similar ranking chart. For all those who are thinking of starting playing Danger Zone or have been enjoying it for some time now, can read on to find out more about the Danger Zone ranking system - What it is, How it works, and Tips to improve your rank.

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CS:GO Danger Zone Rankings

The Danger Zone ranking was introduced to the game mode 7 months after its release. In order to keep things fun yet make the overall gameplay a bit more competitive, Valve took the decision to roll out a new independent ranking system for CS:GO’s very own battle royale game mode. Here are all the Danger Zone ranks in the increasing order of their skill level,

  • Rat 1
  • Rat 2
  • Hare 1
  • Hare 2
  • Scout 1
  • Scout 2
  • Scout Elite
  • Fox 1
  • Fox 2
  • Fox 3
  • Fox Elite
  • Timber Wolf
  • Ember Wolf
  • Wildfire Wolf
  • Howling Alpha

In total, the Danger Zone ranking system has 15 different skill groups. These rankings are completely different from the ones followed for Wingman and Competitive matchmaking. Players make their way up the ladder with ‘Rat’ being equivalent to ‘Silver’ and ‘Howling Alpha’ being as high as ‘The Global Elite’.

CS:GO Danger Zone - All Ranks

Danger Zone: Ranking System

According to Valve, in Danger Zone players of all ranks can play a match together. While this may seem absurd at first, such a system has been implemented because the Danger Zone ranking system focuses on the individual performance of a player, rather than ranked matchmaking and final placement, so better players could progress faster.

The advantage of this ranking system is that it eliminates the number of smurf accounts or smurf players by a high margin, but on the other hand it also leads to unfair matchmaking a significant number of times. However, it seems like a better approach for this game mode in the long run.

When it comes to how the ranking system directly works for a particular player, that is still a mystery not only for the Danger Zone game mode but also for some of the most famous and commonly played ones, which including competitive matchmaking as well. Though we have managed to find out this as well, Click Here to learn more about the CS:GO ranking system in detail.

Various Danger Zone Weapons

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Danger Zone: Tips And Tricks

  • Players can improve their rank by playing a lot more of Duo and Trio - Danger Zone game modes when they are starting out, rather than playing Solo which at most times can be quite a rough and unexciting experience.

  • Learn about the special types of equipment that are native to only the Danger Zone game mode. This will give you an edge over your opponents and broaden your horizon when it comes to strategizing your gameplay and changing your plans as per the situation.
  • Build a habit of frequently checking the tablet provided in-game and learn to pick information off it quickly. It gives you a lot of strategic information, allows you to track enemies, calls in supply drops, and helps to avoid the shrinking Danger Zone.

  • Keep an eye out for the special missions while playing Danger Zone, completing them helps in gaining additional rewards. It is not necessary to complete them, but if you are in a pickle or are lagging behind in the game, it is a great option to go ahead and try to complete them.

Keep grinding the game, try out different strategies, see what kind of a loadout suits your game style, keep learning about the new types of equipment, and slowly you will see your rank improve. For some players, this may be instant, while for others it may take some time.

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