OG Announce CS:GO Bootcamp in Denmark, Receive Direct Invite to Flashpoint 3

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  • OG announce a bootcamp for their CS:GO roster in Copenhagen, Denmark.
  • The revamped CS:GO roster will be meeting each other for the first time after more than a year.
  • OG has also received a direct invite from the first European RMR Event of 2021 - Flashpoint Season 3.

OG who recently completed their CS:GO lineup following the signing of 17-year-old talented Israeli rifler Shahar "flameZ" Shushan, has gone ahead and announced a bootcamp that will take place in Copenhagen, Denmark. The OG lineup will be assembling together after more than a year and will be competing in the upcoming CS:GO tournaments from this bootcamp itself. It has not been mentioned for how long the bootcamp will be taking place in Denmark, but with the European RMR Tournament - Flashpoint Season 3 taking place in May, it is likely that the team will be bootcamping at least till then.

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OG announce a CS:GO bootcamp in Denmark

The OG CS:GO lineup has been going through a turbulent phase since the start of the year because of which the organization was forced to undergo a ‘rebuilding phase’. During this both Issa “ISSAA” Murad and Nathan “NBK- “ Schmitt were benched from the active roster, soon replaced by the Danish rifler Nikolaj”niko” Kristensen and young Israeli talent Shahar “flameZ” Shushan.

The upcoming BLAST Premier: Spring Showdown 2021 which is about to start from 13 April onwards, will be the first official CS:GO tournament where the new OG CS:GO lineup will be seen in action. They will be going up against the Danish giants Astralis in their best-of-three opening match.

After more than a year the OG CS:GO roster will be coming together under one roof once again. As per OG’s announcement, “The whole crew will be in Copenhagen for a long-anticipated bootcamp starting tomorrow. The time has finally come to get the pew pew boys together.”

OG wanted to organize a bootcamp earlier, but due to the global health situation and every country establishing its own set of rules and regulations, it was not easy for them to organize one for a multinational lineup. It seems that BLAST in some way had managed to help the team out in organizing this bootcamp, as OG thanked them.

OG Announce CS:GO Bootcamp in Denmark, Receive Direct Invite to Flashpoint 3

Apart from this, OG has also been directly invited to Flashpoint Season 3 which will also be acting as the first European RMR tournament of the 2021 circuit. Currently, OG has a total of about 180 RMR Points, having earned 300 due to Valve rules and then 120 being deducted due to the roster changes. They will be eager to improve with this lineup and move up from the 9th position, it will be interesting to see how this iteration of the lineup performs against some of the best CS:GO teams in Europe.

OG Announce CS:GO Bootcamp in Denmark, Receive Direct Invite to Flashpoint 3

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