EliGE, Tarik Calls Out CS:GO Community For Hate and Talking About Valorant Switch


EliGE, Tarik Calls Out CS:GO Community For Hate and Talking About Valorant Switch

Aditya Singh Rawat
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  • Tarik responds to all the haters after facing a lot of flak from the CS:GO community.
  • EliGE backs him up and explains how haters pressurize players by constantly telling them to switch over to Valorant.
  • The community criticised tarik following a failed lurk play that resulted in EG getting eliminated from Snow Sweet Snow #3.

Evil Geniuses rifler Tarik "tarik" Celik recently received a lot of flak from the CS:GO community following a failed lurk against ex-Winstrike, which was crucial to the outcome of the game as it resulted in EG losing the map and getting eliminated from Snow Sweet Snow #3. A day after the incident on 8 April 2021, tarik responded to all the haters by thanking them for “kicking a man while he’s down,” and admitted that he is aware of the fact that he lost the game for EG. Team Liquid rifler Jonathan "EliGE" Jablonowski backed him up and blamed the CS:GO community for pressuring players by constantly commenting “Go witch to Valorant".

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Tarik responds to haters

Facing off against ex-Winstrike in the semifinals of Snow Sweet Snow #3, EG were down ‘1-0’ after losing ‘16-6’ on Nuke which was their own map pick. EG fought hard on Overpass and had an upper hand with the score being ‘14-12’ in their favour. In the 27th round, EG could have easily secured a map point on the back of an incredible lurk play by tarik, but he ended up whiffing his shots which cost them the round and unfortunately the map as well.

The final score on Overpass read ‘16-14’, resulting in EG losing the series ‘2-0’ and getting eliminated from the tournament. This particular clip went instantly viral within the CS:GO community and what followed was intense criticism against the North American rifler.

This is what tarik referred to in his tweet against the haters, reminding everyone that “You aren’t perfect either, shit happens”. A lot of professional players and personalities responded to this, backing him up and giving him a push in the right direction.

EliGE, Tarik Calls Out CS:GO Community For Hate and Talking About Valorant Switch

EliGE talks about haters spamming "go switch to Valorant" 

However, EliGE took a step forward and highlighted a particular comment from one of the users to explain why the CS:GO community was so toxic. He said that though every esports community faces such a problem, Counter-Strike goes a step forward because,

“Everyone attacks anyone that is performing bad or does a bad play and then goes ‘go switch to Valorant’. Then (when) players do swap (to Valorant) or an organization completely drops CS (roster), who’s laughing then?”

EliGE, Tarik Calls Out CS:GO Community For Hate and Talking About Valorant Switch

This comment comes amid a situation where a lot of CS:GO players are jumping ship to Valorant, or are stuck in a situation where they are still deciding on what to do next. This trend is particularly visible in the North American scene, and what EliGE pointed out might be one of the reasons why players feel pressured to leave CS:GO and switch to Valorant.

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