[Watch] CS:GO Pro Gratisfaction Pulls Off an Incredible 1v4 Ninja Defuse

[Watch] CS:GO Pro Gratisfaction Pulls Off an Incredible 1v4 Ninja Defuse

Aditya Singh Rawat
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  • EXTREMUM AWPer Gratisfaction executes an epic 1v4 ninja defuse against ex-Winstrike at Funspark ULTI 2021: Europe Season 1.
  • EXTREMUM won the 3 game series and qualified for the playoffs over ex-Winstrike.

Sean "Gratisfaction" Kaiwai staying true to the Latin proverb ‘fortune favours the brave’ pulled off an epic ninja defuse against ex-Winstrike, at the currently ongoing Funspark ULTI 2021: Europe Season 1. If there is anything more satisfying than a one tap and more heroic than an ace, it is definitely a ninja defuse. Gratisfaction alone against 4 enemy players managed to narrowly sneak past the entire team and stick a defuse, giving his team a much-required lead on Dust 2. Though ex-Winstirke managed to win the map in overtime, this moment became the highlight of the entire series as EXTREMUM won by a ‘2-1’ scoreline.

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Gratisfaction pulls off an epic 1v4 ninja defuse

It takes a lot to pull off something so incredible when you are alone against 4 players from the opposite team. Playing CT-sided on Dust 2, EXTREMUM were putting up a tough fight on Dust 2 which was ex-Winstrike’s own map pick. With the score levelled at ‘6-6’, ex-Winstrike executed a well-timed push towards the ‘B-Site’ which resulted in a successful plant and Gratisfaction being the only CT survivor.

But during all the chaos, the New Zealander AWPer managed to sneak towards the ‘B-Site’ double doors which were smoked off by ex-Winstrike. Following the plant, all the T-sided players exited the site to hunt Gratisfaction, crossing from right in front of him as he entered the site without making any noise.

The defuse was perfectly timed which caught Winstrike by surprise, and though Vladislav 'Krad' Kravchenko ran back to the site in a bid to save the round, he could not stop the defuse and in return ended up being AWPed by a waiting Gratisfaction.

This became the highlight of the entire series and was a brilliant outplay by Gratisfaction, of course, combined with a bit of luck and incredible timing across all his movements. Unfortunately, EXTREMUM ended up losing on the map in overtime ‘19-15’, but came back strong by winning the remaining 2 games which took place on Vertigo and Nuke.

With this victory, EXTREMUM has successfully qualified for the playoffs of Funspark ULTI 2021: Europe Season 1, where they currently await their opponents which will be either K23 or Copenhagen Flames.

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