NBK Talks About Shox, Playing With KennyS, and Why He Left French CS:GO Scene


NBK Talks About Shox, Playing With KennyS, and Why He Left French CS:GO Scene

Aditya Singh Rawat
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  • NBK reveals why he left the French CS:GO scene and migrated to play with an international roster.
  • He goes on to talk about his relationship with Shox in the past and his desire to play with kennyS.
  • NBK is currently playing CS:GO with a pick up French CS:GO team called 'DBL PONEY'.

French CS:GO player Nathan "NBK-" Schmitt who is currently sitting on OG’s bench had a few things to say about the French scene, specifically commenting on playing with Richard "shox" Papillon and Kenny "kennyS" Schrub. Despite the benching, NBK has not taken a back seat rather the 26-year-old has returned to competing again, currently playing with a French pick up team ‘DBL PONEY’. He will be seen in action soon as the team has managed to qualify for the main event of the European Development Championship Season 3. While this may not be the top-tier of CS:GO, it is good to see that NBK has not switched to Valorant and is still sticking around lurking for an opportunity.

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NBK on why he left the French CS:GO scene

The two-time Major winning French rifler NBK in a recent interview with esports journalist Richard Lewis spoke about a lot of things, including his thoughts on the current French CS:GO scene which he had left in Dec 2019 following his departure from Team Vitality. Turning towards an international lineup, NBK was quickly picked up by OG where he helped the organization form their initial CS:GO roster.

Speaking on why he left the French scene and turned towards an international lineup NBK said that “The end of Vitality to me was a bit of disappointing in a sense that we just didn’t reach a conclusion, the coach, Alex, me, the team as a whole, the organization, and so I just got cut pretty fast after the tournament (StarLadder Berlin Major 2019).”

NBK continued on the topic by saying that “It was just that we didn’t reach a proper conclusion without proper argumentation, and talking together. So it is when I felt like that there was no other French team I was interested in, that’s why I went international.”

He wanted to expand his horizon and said that the international exposure helped him grow more as he learned a lot in his time at OG, while also stating that for the future he is open to anything that comes his way.

NBK on playing with Shox and KennyS

Further in the interview, NBK went on to specifically talk about playing with other french players like Shox and KennyS. When speaking about shox, Richard Lewis revealed that shox had referred to NBK as a “robot” to which the response was as follows,

“He was right, like fair to him. We were like opposites where shox is more now in a part of how OG is as an organization, where it is like you have to be happy, you have to be feeling good in a team, every individual being embraced, being listened to, and emotions taking part of all that. 

But before I was too extreme on the other side, it was bringing good things in terms of performance and consistency, but it was destroying relationships. So that is where we had a lot of problems.”

NBK goes on to explain that now he and shox would enjoy each others company and could be better teammates with each other, as his time with OG had changed his perspective and evolved him as a player.

While talking about kennyS, NBK was of the opinion that “it was a possibility for sure that we’d love to be playing with kenny again,” but this may not come to fruition immediately as it is not a good time to create a new team or join one either.

“So it is a wish more than something that is currently happening, like yeah we’re going to build something together for sure. It is something up in the air, it is a possibility on my end because of everything that I’ve learned and the way I’m approaching now and evolving.”

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It seems NBK is ready to take on anything that comes his way and the fact that he will be remaining in the CS:GO scene for at least the next 2 years is reassuring. However the possibility of NBK and kennyS playing together is quite grim because it would be quite expensive to buy him out of G2 Esports’ bench, and a questionable decision considering his not too brilliant form in recent time.

Though it will be interesting to see how NBK’s pick up team goes on to perform in the upcoming European Development Championship Season 3, where they will be up against some of the best tier-two European CS:GO teams.

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