User Shares Interesting April Fool Concepts for CS:GO That Valve Can Implement

User Shares Interesting April Fool Concepts for CS:GO That Valve Can Implement

Aditya Singh Rawat
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  • User shares some interesting April Fool's Day related concepts that Valve could implement for CS:GO.
  • The community received these ideas with open arms and gave it a positive nod.
  • Most likely Valve will not be releasing anything new or special for CS:GO that is themed around the concept of April Fool.

April Fools is barely a day away and keeping in spirit with its concept, a user came forward with a good collection of suggestions for Valve to implement in CS:GO. The user presented various ideas that could be introduced to existing Counter-Strike game modes for a day, or Valve could launch a few improvised ones for a week or two so that all the players could enjoy. All the ideas are neatly themed around the concept of April Fool’s Day and the community seems to be liking them quite a bit. Let’s take a look at all of them and try to deduce how viable they are.

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April Fool concepts for CS:GO that Valve can implement

Counter-Strike does not celebrate a lot of occasions or festivals, but the community is always enthusiastic about them and often come up with interesting concepts as suggestions for Valve. Though the majority of them always end up as just ideas on the board, it is a great engagement opportunity for the community members who enjoy building up various themes and scenarios.

A user who goes by the name of ‘u4ea126’ on Reddit came forward with a bunch of ideas themed around the occasion of April Fool’s Day. Sparking off a conversation within the community and honestly, some of these ideas could actually turn into fantastic limited-time game modes.


This concept revolves around the idea of ‘Dynamic Weapon Pricing’ which is something that has actually been tried out by Valve in the past with Counter-Strike: Source. It was introduced on 11 Oct 2006 and had sparked controversy among fans, it has since been removed but could be a separate game mode for a short duration.

User Shares Interesting April Fool Concepts for CS:GO That Valve Can Implement

The great ammo depression

There was a time when ammo had to be brought separately in Counter-Strike for both primary and secondary weapons. This has since been changed and players now receive a set amount of ammo with every weapon which is replenished every round, but this was not the case before. Something similar could be brought back to troll players for a day in deathmatch or wingman game mode, being both fun and harmless at the same time.

User Shares Interesting April Fool Concepts for CS:GO That Valve Can Implement

Bringing back the NVG

Earlier players had an option to turn on Night Vision Goggles, it was a special mode that could be toggled on and off by the click of a button. The fact is that there was nothing unique about this mode except for a green filter that used to get activated, not helping anyone in any additional manner.

Counter-Duty: Modern Offensive

The idea is basically to add the concept of aiming down sights to every weapon in CS:GO, basically another step towards turning it similar to Valorant where almost every secondary weapon has the option to aim down sight. This could again be an addition to one or multiple casual game modes for a day.

User Shares Interesting April Fool Concepts for CS:GO That Valve Can Implement

Don't use it, lose it

This is one of the more interesting ideas which could be a stand-alone game mode that can be introduced by Valve for a short duration to CS:GO. Both the teams will receive a random 3 weapon loadout every round and go up against each other. This will make for some fun and strategic gameplay and the community will surely enjoy it.

These were a handful of really creative ideas presented by the user which got the community talking. They were received positively by the community members who further chimes in and added their own interesting concepts that Valve could tryout. Most probably nothing special will be released for CS:GO on this day by the developers, but the users can still hope and the community can still dream.

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