Astralis Rifler Bubzkji Requests Valve to Fix Annoying Visibility CS:GO Bug

Astralis Rifler Bubzkji Requests Valve to Fix Annoying Visibility CS:GO Bug

Aditya Singh Rawat
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  • Bubzkji reports to Valve a visibility CS:GO bug that has been affecting the game for more than 2 months now.
  • The visibility bug activates automatically for certain players when they tab in and out of the game.
  • The monitor gamma settings get changed due to which everything in-game starts appearing darker.

Astralis’ sixth player Lucas "Bubzkji" Andersen spoke about an annoying bug in CS:GO which has been affecting the game for more than 2 months now. He tried reaching out to Valve via social media and even explained how exactly the bug worked. Surprisingly a lot of other CS:GO users faced the exact same problem, but had no idea that it was due to a visibility bug. Bubzkji directly stated that “mat_monitorgamma bug is so annoying, it’s been here for 2+ months,” the bug apparently activates “every time you tab out and tab back in, making your game darker”. He goes on to provide a temporary solution as well, which the affected users can implement for the time being.

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Bubzkji talks about annoying visibility CS:GO bug

The visibility bug or the ‘mat_monitorgamma’ bug as Bubzkji likes to put it, has existed in CS:GO for more than 2 months at this point. It activates when a user tabs out and back into the game, automatically reducing the monitor gamma settings which makes everything in-game appear darker.

So far, Valve has not fixed the bug maybe because it was not highlighted by the CS:GO community and no one might have brought it to their attention. Bubzkji seems to have done a good job of it now, as quite a large number of users seemed to have been suffering from this same issue, without actually even knowing that it was not a problem on their end.

Bubzkji offered a solution that users can implement while Valve figures out how to solve this bug. He says every time a player encounters this bug they can simply “rewrite a new monitor gamma in (the) console to fix it or have a bind”. Users who generally tab in and out of the game quite frequently can bind their ‘monitor gamma’ settings to a specific key and simply press it whenever they encounter the bug.

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Some other players who used to face this visibility bug in the past allegedly provided some indirect permanent solutions which you can try out as well. 

  • One such solution was unchecking the ‘Disable Fullscreen Optimizations’ option which is present under the ‘Compatibility’ tab of CS:GO’s properties.
  • Another user shared that using older Nvidia driver settings usually solves this problem. Though it might be a hindrance when playing other games or doing some creative work that requires the latest drivers.

Hopefully, Valve can fix this problem now that it has been brought to their notice as the temporary and indirect solutions are not viable for all players. It might not be a critical bug, but it is definitely an annoying one.

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