Operation Broken Fang Exclusive ‘Premier Mode’ Now Available to All CS:GO Players

Operation Broken Fang Exclusive ‘Premier Mode’ Now Available to All CS:GO Players

Aditya Singh Rawat
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  • Operation Broken Fang exclusive 'Premier Mode' is now available to all CS:GO player for a limited time.
  • There will be 2 separate matchmaking queues in Premier Mode - one for prime account and battlepass owners, other for everyone else.
  • The update also included changes to Zeus and fixing a few Steam Networking problems.

Operation Broken Fang released a lot of content when it came out, some in the form of in-game cosmetics, while the rest were unique game-specific features. One such feature was the Broken Fang Premier Mode which was exclusive to the battlepass owners, allowing them to queue for a separate game mode where players can pick and ban CS:GO maps before playing a regular 5v5 match. With barely a month left for Operation Broken Fang to conclude, Valve has taken a decision to make Premier Mode available to all CS:GO users for a limited time, probably till the end of the operation.

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Operation Broken Fang Premier Mode - Available for everyone

The Broken Fang Premier Mode is now available for all CS:GO players irrespective of whether they own the battlepass or not, but only for a limited time. Though no dates are mentioned by Valve, this will probably go on till Broken Fang comes to an end later next month.

“Broken Fang Premier, which introduces a pick/ban phase to the start of a competitive match, allows players to test their mettle across the entire Active Duty map pool. Pick and ban maps, choose your starting side, and work together to win 16 rounds.”

For now, all the players can enjoy the unique game mode where the battlepass holders will be mixed along with ‘Prime Account Status’ players in one queue when finding a match. All the other players, that have neither Prime nor the battlepass will be tied up together in a different matchmaking pool altogether.

“Operation Pass holders and Prime accounts are in one pool of players who play with and against each other in Premier. Accounts that are neither Prime, nor have an Operation Pass, are in a separate Premier pool.”

The Broken Fang Premier Mode is available for all players under the ‘Competitive’ tab within the game. It is unclear at this point if the ‘Operation Stats Page’ is also made available to these players or not, but if it is also bundled in with the game mode that is a huge win for the players who can take an in-depth look at their stats and get a better understanding of their gameplay.

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Update Adds New Zeus Skin?

Apart from this, the new CS:GO update brought along with it a highly requested change by the community for the seldom-used melee weapon Zeus. The texture on the weapon was changed to read “Zeus X-27” and as per the developers “This counts as a Zeus skin”. While this may have been said in jest, it is a good quality of life change that the community had been requesting for quite some time now.

A few changes to the Steam Networking were made which will hopefully improve connectivity issues and make it a smoother experience for the players. This is all the update brought along with it, now it is time to see how the new game mode plays out.

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