When Does CS:GO Operation Broken Fang Come to an End?

When Does CS:GO Operation Broken Fang Come to an End?

Aditya Singh Rawat
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  • Operation Broken Fang started last year in Dec and all the 16 weekly missions came to an end on 23 March.
  • Last time with Operation Shattered Web the battlepass had been extended by a whole month by Valve.
  • Valve had announced the last date for Operation Broken Fang at the beginning, giving players a 38-day buffer beforehand this time.

CS:GO Operation Broken Fang which was released last year on 3 December is about to come to an end soon. The community is overall quite pleased with how the operation turned out to be, offering a plethora of weekly missions to complete, a lot of unique content, a few new maps, and a whole new matchmaking queue for the battlepass owners. Apart from this, the criteria to achieve the coveted ‘Diamond - Operation Broken Fang Coin’ was also simplified, resulting in almost all the players receiving one this time around. With all the 16 weekly CS:GO missions coming to an end, the question that arises now is that - ‘When does Operation Broken Fang end?’

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Operation Broken Fang - End Date

Valve had revealed right at the start of Operation Broken Fang that the battle pass will consist of 16 weekly CS:GO missions, that will go on from the release date 3 Dec 2020 all the way till 23 March 2021. Following this period, the battlepass was set to be extended by 38 more days which means that Operation Broken Fang would be coming to an end on 30 April 2021.

So, players have roughly more than a month to enjoy all the features that came along with the battlepass. The stars which they have earned by completing all the weekly missions can be used for purchasing their favorite in-game items like weapon skins, graffitis, stickers, patches, and agents. But do keep in mind that all this needs to be done before the last day, 30 April 2021.

Operation Broken Fang hands down had the most amount of content that was released along with the battlepass. Not only the content but features like the in-game chat wheel, new maps, the exciting retake game mode, the dedicated operation stats page, and the Broken Fang premier mode, which were all unique and special to this battlepass will also be gone in a month’s time.

Last time with Operation Shattered Web, Valve was forced to extend the battlepass by a month so that players could finish all the missions that they had missed out on and catch up. In total, it had run from 18 Nov 2019 to 31 March 2020, after a month of extension. This time Valve seems to have added a 38-day buffer beforehand, this means that most likely Operation Broken Fang will not witness any sort of an extension and will be coming to an end on the pre-decided date itself - 30 April 2021.

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