Thorin Criticises Valorant Fans, Calls Them "Insecure"

Thorin Criticises Valorant Fans, Calls Them "Insecure"

Aditya Singh Rawat
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  • Thorin calls out Valorant fans "insecure" as they constantly feel the need to defend "the honour of their new game".
  • He says these fans dismiss any type of criticism by simply saying "you just want it to be like CS".
  • Richard Lewis also commented on the topic, while most of the users were in disagreement with what Thorin had to say.

Esports journalist and broadcast talent Duncan "Thorin" Shields had a few words to say about Valorant fans in general. The Brit called them out by saying “VALORANT fans are at the insecure pleb phase of esports,” as they do not take any criticism towards the game, dismissing any and all points brought forth by simply stating “you just want it to be like CS”. He mocked them for their behavior of defending “the honour of their new game (Valorant) like it was the most beautiful, inside and out”. Richard Lewis also presented his thoughts on the topic, expressing how false claims were made about him hating on Valorant.

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Thorin calls out Valorant fans

Ever since Valorant came out, there has been stiff competition between CS:GO and the new tactical first-person shooter. Members of the 2 communities continue to defend their respective titles as Valorant slowly tries to establish itself as an esport, going up against an established shooter such as CS:GO.

Recently, Thorin got involved on the topic calling out Valorant fans as ‘insecure’ in general, for defending their title against some stuff that users pointed out could be changed or improved upon. According to him, the fans were ignorant as they simply dismissed all the points by stating “you just want it to be like CS," without actually trying to understand the point that the user is trying to convey.

“All criticism will be dismissed with ‘you just want it to be like CS’ literally no matter what possible criticism it is and how far removed that is from what CS is like or how little they may know about CS.”

He further expanded on the topic explaining that it is nothing to worry about because the same has been observed in the past when Counter-Strike was moving on from 1.6 to CS:GO. He concluded that most of the users accept the new trend and the cycle continues to repeat itself.

Richard Lewis also chimed in stating that some of these fans were spreading false information that he hates Valorant. Attaching proof about the positive Valorant review which he had written previously, Lewis said that all the other narratives being driven were “social media fueled delusions”.

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Many Valorant users replied to Thorin and were not at all in agreement with what he had to say, the general takeaway from what the users commented was them saying that Counter-Strike fans were the ones who were actually at fault.

In all honesty, there is no one group that is at fault and not all of them think or act in this manner towards the other, it is a minority because of which the community has to suffer. A user described the whole ordeal accurately by saying “In summary, fanboys from both games suck in general”.

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