CS:GO Pros Complain About New Sensitivity Bug, Valve's Fix Not Working

CS:GO Pros Complain About New Sensitivity Bug, Valve's Fix Not Working

Aditya Singh Rawat
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  • The CS:GO community was recently affected with an unusual bug which dropped the players sensitivity low all of a sudden.
  • Multiple CS:GO professional players and personalities like REZ, valde, and zews also complained about this bug.
  • Valve rolled out a fix for the sensitivity bug which does not seem to be working. For all those still facing problems, you can try out the 2 temporary solutions provided below.

The CS:GO community including the professional players were left frustrated due to a new bug that affected their in-game sensitivity. This unusual bug used to randomly lower the sensitivity of a player during the match, directly affecting their aim and throwing them off. It is obvious to say that the bug was frustrating, to say the least, and in order to restore their original sensitivity, players had to restart their game. The community did come up with multiple temporary fixes for the bug before Valve stepped in to roll out a small update, promising to have fixed the issue permanently, but it seems that this ridiculous sensitivity tampering bug is still not solved properly.

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CS:GO community finds an unusual bug

The community had been complaining about an unusual CS:GO bug which used to tamper with their in-game sensitivity right in the middle of a match. The problem had been going on for over a week before professional players also started speaking about it. This was both frustrating and ridiculous, as the affected user could no longer play CS:GO properly due to a randomly decreased sensitivity, and the only way to restore their personal sensitivity was to restart the game entirely.

The community was quick to come up with a few temporary fixes to the problem like, opting out of the Steam Beta participation and also disabling the Steam overlay when in-game. Though these were not permanent fixes to the sensitivity bug, a few users did report that doing so helped them avoid the bug effectively.

Valve rolls out a fix, bug still not fixed

Initially, this problem was not getting noticed at all as multiple members of the CS:GO community posted on the official subreddit to catch someone’s eye and raise concern towards this bug. But later players and personalities like Ninja in Pyjamas’ Fredrik ‘REZ’ Sterner, OG Esports’ Valdemar ‘valde’ Vangså, and Evil Geniuses’ coach Wilton ‘zews’ Prado, all of them reported having encountered the same problem in recent times.

CS:GO Pros Complain About New Sensitivity Bug, Valve's Fix Not Working

This was enough to give the problem the highlight it deserved and within hours Valve seemed to have taken care of the issue. The developers rolled out a small update that contained a fix for the unusual sensitivity bug, but it seems that even this fix has been rendered useless according to NIP's in-game leader Hampus "hampus" Poser.

As per the public comment made by CS:GO’s official Twitter account, the problem seems to have been caused due to the game client. So, all the users needed to do was restart their Steam accounts and they were good to go. However, hampus' latest claims point in a different direction and the sensitivity bug might still be around.

CS:GO Pros Complain About New Sensitivity Bug, Valve's Fix Not Working

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How to fix sensitivity bug temporarily?

For all those that are still facing the sensitivity bug quite frequently, even after having updated their Steam client and restarting it. They can for the time being implement these temporary fixes,

Opt-out of Steam beta

  1. Open Steam.
  2. Go into Settings.
  3. Settings will by default open in ‘Account’.
  4. Within ‘Account,’ locate ‘Beta participation’.
  5. Under this option, select: NONE – Opt out of all beta programs.

Disable Steam Overlay

  1. Open Steam.
  2. Go into 'Settings'. 
  3. Within 'Settings', navigate to ‘In-Game’ tab.
  4. De-select the option ‘Enable Steam Overlay while in-game'.

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