Broken Fang Co-Op CS:GO Mission Hints Towards Possible Mirage Remake

Aditya Singh Rawat
Published On: 18 Mar 2021, 01:08 PM
  • User finds hints about a possible Mirage remake within the last Operation Broken Fang co-op mission.
  • There are 2 hints shared by the user which might also reveal the locations on Mirage that might be getting changed.
  • Most of the CS:GO community want Mirage out of the 'Active Duty Map Pool' irrespective of whether it undergoes changes or not.

Mirage might finally be getting a remake. Though no official announcement has been made from Valve or the creator of the map, certain easter eggs have been spotted by users that indicate this. The recently launched co-op CS:GO mission ‘A Lasting Impression’ which is a part of the currently ongoing Operation Broken Fang, is a treasure of easter eggs and the community is going through every inch of it to find them all. The discovery about Mirage possibly undergoing some changes in the future was made by ‘u/ItsMeCall911’, who shared the same with the entire CS:GO community. So let’s take a look at what instigated these speculations about the upcoming changes to Mirage.

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Mirage might be undergoing changes

One of the most played CS:GO map which is beloved by the casual userbase might finally be undergoing a remake of sorts, according to an easter egg found in the last Operation Broken Fang co-op mission - A Lasting Impression. Some screenshots from within the mission itself were shared by ‘u/ItsMeCall911’, which have instigated speculations about the upcoming changes within the CS:GO community. Let’s breakdown both these images one by one,

  • The first image seems to be an active play area called ‘Mirage Sector’ from within the mission. At first glance, it may look like sort of a training room with multiple aim boards decorating the room and the fact that it is mostly covered in raw plywood gives off a very training facility kind of a feel.

    A user even said that playing through that area did actually resemble playing on Mirage. While another stated that, another area similar in construction to this one was called ‘Ancient B Site’.
Broken Fang Co-Op CS:GO Mission Hints Towards Possible Mirage Remake
  • The second image shows a few photos of the original Mirage within the mission itself, pinned onto a whiteboard. This may suggest locations of the map which might be getting a rework. The photos showcase the following locations ‘B-Short’, ‘Window’, ‘B-Site’, ‘Connector’.
Broken Fang Co-Op CS:GO Mission Hints Towards Possible Mirage Remake

Overall the community seems to have taken this news quite positively. The general thinking is that whether or not Mirage undergoes a remake, the map definitely needs to be pulled out of the ‘Active Duty Map Pool’ for some time now. 

This will definitely be an exciting change that will spice up the competitive scene, which has gone rather stale during this extended online phase. Also, the timing is near perfect as the scheduled PGL Major Stockholm 2021 is still quite far away, giving teams an adequate amount of time to strategize and adjust to these changes.

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