Game-Breaking CS:GO Bug Grants Temporary Immortality to Players

Game-Breaking CS:GO Bug Grants Temporary Immortality to Players

Aditya Singh Rawat
Published On: 
  • Broken CS:GO bug results in player attaining immortality in-game, until they fire their first shot.
  • The bug can easily be replicated but only works in the deathmatch game mode.
  • As per community members, the bug allegedly seems to be a result of poorly optimized game code.

A bizarre bug was recently discovered in CS:GO which allows players to basically become immortal, until firing their first shot of the game. This bug can be triggered in a few simple steps by any player, but it only works successfully in the deathmatch game mode. The game-breaking bug is a sort of glitch which is a result of alleged poor back-end game code. During the duration of immortality, enemies can barely see the affected player as their player model appears quite translucent in-game, and they take no damage at all when in this state. Read on to find out how this CS:GO bug can be activated, and hope Valve is able to fix this at the earliest before similar variants for other game modes start popping up.

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Broken CS:GO bug grants immortality to players

All of us at one point in time have definitely thought of running around a CS:GO map freely, popping heads while taking absolutely no damage at all. Well, this newly discovered bug allows a player to do exactly that until they take their first shot which automatically turns off the immortality barrier.

This is how the bug can be successfully recreated by any CS:GO player, but it only works in deathmatch game mode. Follow the steps listed below to experience immortality in CS:GO,

  1. Open CS:GO and search for a deathmatch.

  2. After joining a deathmatch, before the game starts open the console and type “open_buymenu”. This will automatically add 10 seconds of invulnerability before your match is set to start, without actually opening the buy menu.

  3. The timer has the potential to stack on top of each other. This means that every time a player types in that command, the invulnerability duration will further increase by 10 seconds. So, to make this process more efficient open console and type “bind ‘X’ open_buymenu”.

  4. Now, you can simply press ‘X’ to automatically extend the immortality duration by 10 seconds instead of opening the console and typing the whole thing over-and-over again. The ‘X’ can be replaced by any other key that you would like to bind this particular command to.

This is how the immortality CS:GO bug can be easily replicated in the deathmatch game mode, but this immortality duration immediately comes to an end once you fire your first shot. Despite being a crucial bug, it is limited to only one game mode which is usually used by players for warming up and practice.

But still, hope that Valve can take care of this issue at the earliest. Before others are able to figure out and activate a similar bug for other game modes as well. The issue allegedly seems to be a result of poorly optimized game code, so the fix should not take too much time, but as we know how ancient ‘Source Engine’ is the fix might be a bit more complicated.

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