Old Overpass CS:GO Bug Haunts Players as Valve Ignores to Fix the Issue

Old Overpass CS:GO Bug Haunts Players as Valve Ignores to Fix the Issue

Aditya Singh Rawat
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  • An irritating clipping bug on Overpass has become a cause of concern for the CS:GO community.
  • Valve has failed to fix the bug in more than a year as it continues to exist in the game till today.

A CS:GO bug on Overpass has become the latest cause of concern for the entire community, as it goes unfixed for more than a year. Valve as usual has failed to fix an irritating CS:GO bug which could lead to a serious problem if it occurs during an official match. The bug seems to be related to a clipping problem at a particular spot on ‘B Short Tunnel’, through which players can go into the wall resulting in a black screen for a short duration, enough for the opponent to easily pick you off, as shown in the clip attached below.

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Irritating Overpass bug goes unfixed for over a year

Valve true to their behavior has once again ignored to fix a bug, this time on Overpass, which can be replicated very easily according to the members of the CS:GO community. The bug which occurs on ‘B Short Tunnel’ is very frustrating as it obscures the affected player’s vision for a duration, long enough for them to be picked off by an enemy if present.

The bug occurs when a player in a crouched position is slowly walking along the left side of the tunnel from the CT side (right side when approaching from the T side) and stands up at a particular spot. Due to a clipping bug at the particular area, the player’s head goes through the solid object and they lose vision of the area in front of them.

This bug is pretty harmless and can be avoided easily, but at times and in certain situations it could result in something drastic. The community had initially spotted this bug more than a year ago, but to this day it continues to exist, completely ignored by Valve.

Overpass is a map with a rough history which makes it all-important to fix issues like this on the map at the earliest possible moment. Already a lot of unorthodox boosts exist on the map, dealing with them is already a headache and now with this stupid bug present, it could be triggering for a player to fall for it in the wrong moment.

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