Operation Broken Fang: CS:GO Co-Op Mission Leaked - A Lasting Impression

Operation Broken Fang: CS:GO Co-Op Mission Leaked - A Lasting Impression

Aditya Singh Rawat
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  • Details about the upcoming Operation Broken Fang co-op mission 'A Lasting Impression' have been leaked.
  • Players can now try out the co-op mission even before its official release in the region by following the steps listed below.
  • The easter egg associated with how to unlock hard mode for the co-op mission has also been revealed.

Operation Broken Fang’s last set of weekly missions were leaked earlier today, and as expected one of the missions titled ‘A Lasting Impression’ has turned out to be a co-op strike mission. Players can complete this along with the 4 other missions that are a part of ‘Week 16’ between 16-23 March 2021, earning a maximum reward of up to 13 stars. This might be the last week for the weekly missions but Operation Broken Fang will not come to an end until 30 April 2021. The community is quite excited about the upcoming co-op mission, which is the last one for this battlepass.

A lot of information about the co-op strike mission ‘A Lasting Impression’ has already leaked online thanks to ‘u/BeepIsla’. Players can now play the co-op mission even before its release, the easter egg of how to activate the hard mode has also been found, and we now have an idea of what players can expect in this co-op mission.

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A Lasting Impression - Operation Broken Fang Co-Op Mission

Information about the weekly missions for the week 13, 14, 15 had leaked well in advance, but Valve managed to save the best for the last quite well, releasing the ‘Week 16’ missions barely a day before its scheduled deadline release. This was done to protect the information about the co-op mission so that it does not leak weeks in advance.

How to play leaked co-op mission before the official release?

Though there is still some time for the update to come out, all the players globally can still play the co-op mission well in advance by following the steps provided below, courtesy ‘u/BeepIsla’:

  1. Invite a friend to a lobby.

  2. Start any workshop map, preferably one with the least custom settings as they may not get reset upon map-change.

  3. Once the workshop map is done loading, enter this into your CS:GO console: game_type 4; game_mode 1; changelevel coop_fall; mp_coopmission_mission_number 1.

  4. The co-op mission - A Lasting Impression will automatically load and you can enjoy it with your friends. It is unclear though if completing the mission will get counted and reward you with the 2 stars or not.

How to unlock hard mode for the leaked co-op mission?

As everyone must be well aware by now, every co-op mission has a hard mode that players can activate by finding the hidden setting. It is not too hard to find this setting yourself, but for all those that want to cut right to the chase, here is how you can unlock hard mode for ‘A Lasting Impression’.

Toggle all the 3 tiny lamps on the walls present within the room such that they all show a green light. Two of these can be found at a box pile each, while one can be found behind the whiteboard. Once they are all green, a door will open in the wall, pulling the switch will activate ‘hard mode’ for the co-op mission.

What can we expect from this co-op mission?

In all honesty, all co-op missions are more or less the same gameplay-wise. We still do not know what the back story this time will be, but the description for ‘A Lasting Impression’ reads as follows, “The retina quickly adapts to the bright stimulus, creating temporary blindness”.

This is very vague, but it could be that we start in the middle of a fight after being struck by a flashbang or maybe we wake up someplace really bright and start the mission from there. But one thing guaranteed is that the CS:GO community is very excited to play this co-op, for which they had been eagerly waiting.

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