Operation Broken Fang: Week 16 CS:GO Missions Leaked, Co-Op Mission Included

Operation Broken Fang: Week 16 CS:GO Missions Leaked, Co-Op Mission Included

Aditya Singh Rawat
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  • Here are all the CS:GO missions for Week 16 - last week of 'Operation Broken Fang'.
  • The last week will contain the highly awaited co-op strike mission 'A Lasting Impression'.
  • A total of 5 missions will be available for the last week, awarding a total of 13 stars as rewards.

Operation Broken Fang’s Week 16 CS:GO missions have finally been leaked. The last set of weekly missions which are scheduled to take place from 16 to 23 March will feature a total of 5 missions, including the highly awaited cooperative strike mission titled ‘A Lasting Impression’. Earlier, missions for 13, 14, 15 weeks had been leaked but Valve had allegedly not revealed information about the last set of weekly missions, to keep the information about the co-op strike mission hidden from the community members. Now, just a few hours before the mission is set to release ‘u/BeepIsla’ has managed to get his hands on the information, leaking it barely ahead of time.

The CS:GO community has been thoroughly enjoying the currently ongoing ‘Operation Broken Fang’ for more than 3 months now. It has not been a completely smooth ride with bugs and glitches affecting a few missions every now and then, but players have been kept busy as Valve kept pumping out a new set of weekly mission every 7 days.

The players keenly look forward to completing these weekly missions because it allows them to purchase in-game items, while also helping them inch towards the coveted ‘Diamond - Operation Broken Fang Coin’ which is a collectable item that the battle pass owners can obtain. On the other hand, the reward points obtained by completing weekly missions can be used to purchase CS:GO items that were released along with the operation. Now, let’s take a look at what the final week of Operation Broken Fang has in store for all of us.

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Operation Broken Fang: Leaked CS:GO Weekly Missions


The last set of weekly missions titled ‘Ancient Danger’ will be running from 16-23 March. It will contain the last 5 CS:GO missions of Operation Broken Fang, one of them being a co-op strike mission which the community has been eagerly waiting for quite a while.

A total of 13 stars will be up for grabs as rewards if the players manage to complete each and every mission. 2 of the 5 missions will be taking place on one of the more recently added CS:GO map ‘Ancient’, but the most exciting one will be ‘A Lasting Impression’ where players can invite a friend and play through a short story mode sort of a mission.

Operation Broken Fang: Week 16 CS:GO Missions Leaked, Co-Op Mission Included

For those regions that still have not received the update, this is how you can play the co-op strike mission early,

  1. Invite a friend to a lobby.

  2. Start a workshop map, preferably one with the least custom settings as they may not get reset on map-change.

  3. Once done loading, enter this into your console: game_type 4; game_mode 1; changelevel coop_fall; mp_coopmission_mission_number 1

A Lasting Impression - How to activate hard mode for CS:GO co-op mission

As many will be well aware by now, every CS:GO co-op strike mission has a hidden element to it. Players can find this hidden feature and activate it to increase the difficulty of the co-op mission to the hardest difficulty. For this particular mission, this hard mode can be enabled in the following manner,

Toggle all the 3 tiny lamps on the walls, so that they all show a green light. Two of these can be found at a box pile each, while one can be found behind the whiteboard. Once they all are green, a door will open in the wall, pulling the switch will activate ‘hard mode’.

With this, we reach the end of all the weekly missions. It was 16 weeks of insane amounts of fun, along with a few bugs here and there. Overall ‘Operation Broken Fang’ for me personally was a lot of fun, and now the wait for ‘Operation 11’ begins.

Operation Broken Fang: Week 16 CS:GO Missions Leaked, Co-Op Mission Included

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