Valve Reacts to Removal of CS:GO Steam Page via Official Twitter Account

Valve Reacts to Removal of CS:GO Steam Page via Official Twitter Account

Aditya Singh Rawat
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  • Valve responds to CS:GO players Twistzz and gla1ve about the removal of CS:GO's Steam page via official Twitter account.
  • The hilarious responses were made after the developers had successfully retrieved the game's Steam page following an 'API bug'.
  • Valve has recently started communicating more with the CS:GO community, last week they had warned players about a prank played by G2 Esports.

CS:GO developers (Valve) were ready to join the banter about the mysterious disappearance of the game’s official Steam page following its successful retrieval. The bizarre incident had occurred yesterday on 9 March, which immediately resulted in social media being flooded with all sorts of memes, along with rumours about the arrival of the highly anticipated ‘Source 2’ update. At that moment, Valve did not respond at all probably because they were busy figuring out the problem and retrieving the page, but as soon as ‘CS:GO Steam Page’ had been restored they reacted to a few Tweets with some hilarious responses.

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Valve’s hilarious response to removal of CS:GO Steam page

The official CS:GO Twitter account posted some hilarious responses following the retrieval of CS:GO’s Steam page that had disappeared yesterday, reportedly due to some sort of an API bug which had been picked up by SteamDB as well.

Valve had not issued any comments on the matter at the time when the incident had occurred as they were busy retrieving the page and sorting out the bizarre issue. But once the page was back online, the CS:GO developers finally responded to both; FaZe Clan star rifler Russel "Twistzz" Van Dulken - who was the first one to bring this issue to everyone’s attention, and Astralis in-game leader Lukas "gla1ve" Rossander.

Valve’s response to Twistzz

Twistzz had earlier stated that he would not leave competing in CS:GO Unless Valve deletes CS. This statement had gone viral following the game’s Steam page disappearance, Twistzz himself recalled the tweet to which CS:GO responded by sharing the following Twitch clip and stating, “To be fair, we saw this and thought: That's enough. Let's just call it here".

Valve’s response to Gla1ve

The Astralis IGL had sent out a tweet, welcoming the arrival of CS:GO back on Steam to which the developers once again responded with a witty GIF. This marked the end of all the memes and buried all the short-lived rumours about an upcoming ‘Source 2’ update, as the problem turned out to be nothing more than just an ‘API bug’.

Valve has been more active on social media recently when it comes to CS:GO. Just last week they had publicly come forward to warn the users about the ‘RMR Stickers Prank’ that G2 Esports had played on the entire community, by posting on Instagram that March 1 was the last day to purchase the capsules!

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