Valve Deletes CS:GO Steam Page

Valve Deletes CS:GO Steam Page

Abhimannu Das
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  • CS:GO's Steam page was removed along with all achievements, names and other game files from all regions.
  • There is no official word on why the listing was removed and fans are speculating that Source 2.0 might be announced soon.
  • Rumours surrounding Source 2.0 started doing the rounds last year and the potential release of Source 2.0 has left fans hyped up.

Update: It was revealed that the reason for this outage was API errors, and after a short time the bugs were eliminated. CS:GO's steam page has once again been restored.

CS:GO’s Steam page has been removed in all regions and players are running into a “404 error”. The official app page has been removed completely and it is not just the store listing that was removed but also names, achievements and other game files. It is either a temporary issue or Valve might be gearing up to release the highly anticipated Source 2.0. There are no official confirmations from Valve yet and we have to wait and see what this bizarre move means for Counter-Strike fans. Despite CS:GO’s Steam page being removed, the game is still functional if you have the game in your library. 

Does CS:GO’s Steam Page Removal Mark A Potential Announcement of Source 2.0?

It is not only CS:GO’s Steam page that was removed from all regions, everything from achievements to the release date of the game was removed. All screenshots and videos listed on the store page have been deleted and there is currently no official word from Valve just yet.

There are speculations about CS:GO porting over to Source 2 that have been doing the rounds for months and the CS:GO community is hopeful about a potential update. Popular CS:GO inside Nors3 revealed last year that “CS:GO Source 2 is definitely happening.” 

It was reported that a lot of work is needed to make the port possible. Nors3 stated that the game was unlikely to release in 2020 with developers working from home which makes development difficult. The initial rumours surrounding CS:GO Source 2 sparked in March when the creator of the Valve News Network, Tyler McVicker revealed that the update is in the works. But rumours died down over time with no official update from Valve. 

With the removal of the store page from Steam along with achievements and other information, it may lead to a Source 2 update. The community is excited but there is no certainty to how plausible the theories surrounding CS:GO’s store page removal being tied to Source 2’s release are. We will update this article to include any major updates surrounding the removal of the game.  

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