CS 1.6 Map Tuscan Official CS:GO Remake Complete: Full Walkthrough

CS 1.6 Map Tuscan Official CS:GO Remake Complete: Full Walkthrough

Aditya Singh Rawat
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  • The full early walkthrough for the official CS:GO remake of the popular 1.6 map Tuscan has now been released.
  • This is the official CS:GO remake of Tuscan because the creator of the original map 'brute' is part of this project alongside 'catfood'.
  • The map was initially teased in September last year and has been in development for the past 5 months.

Tuscan’s CS:GO remake had initially been reported in late September last year when Counter-Strike insider Nors3 had said that “The map is (still) in an early stage”. At the time, he had also revealed that this version of the legendary 1.6 map was the official CS:GO remake because Colin ‘brute’ Volrath (original creator) was working on the project alongside ‘catfood’. Now, almost 5 months later the full walkthrough of the map has been released and though the map will still be undergoing plenty of small changes, fixes, and optimizations over the next several months, the core map design and what it has to offer is now complete.

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Official CS:GO version of Tuscan complete

The official CS:GO remake of the legendary CS 1.6 map Tuscan, developed in tandem by brute and catfood is more or less complete. The full walkthrough was revealed earlier today via a YouTube video made in collaboration with popular North American streamer Erik "fl0m" Flom. 

During the walkthrough, a lot of information about how the map was created, the thought process behind the remake, and other such things were discussed at length by both the map creators. Some specific changes pointed out by them were,

  1. The T-spawn is now an open space by the coast which used to be an enclosed space in CS 1.6, sort of like a small room within a building.

  2. The initial corridors leading out of the T-spawn towards the mid have been widened up a bit and smoothened down. They further clarified that the timing to reach specific important spots on the map have not been tampered with because of these changes.

  3. The sewer entrance for T-side has been shifted and made a lot shorter. This was done to make the rotations a bit faster as they used to take quite some time through this particular spot. Additionally, there will be a wooden barrier on top which the players would have to break in order to go down, just like in the original.

  4. The door near ‘A-Site’ to exit the sewer along with the adjacent walls will not be spammable, also the door would open both ways depending on the side from which it is being opened.

  5. Smokes are going to be easy to land in ‘A-Site’ but it is going to be tough to flash due to boundaries and high walls surrounding it. Also, the site colour theme is going to be white to better see Molotov's.

  6. For the ‘B-Site’ smoke and flashes are going to be easy but it is going to be hard to execute Molotov's from a distance.

  7. The biggest change on the map according to the creators is the area in and around ‘B-Ramp’, it has been modified to suit more modern-day gameplay while making it more clutter-free and clean.

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Overall, the takeaway from the walkthrough was that the CS:GO remake of Tuscan has been done really well. The visibility across the map has been drastically improved, the textures used have a lot of thought behind them, and the map looks fresh. 

But that being said this was a very early walkthrough of the map and though the core of it will remain the same, certainly small changes and fixes will be implemented across the map on all fronts, “For the textures and models it is like very early, so still a lot is going to change”.

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