Real Madrid’s Casemiro Explains Why CS:GO Makes Him More Nervous Than Football

Real Madrid’s Casemiro Explains Why CS:GO Makes Him More Nervous Than Football

Aditya Singh Rawat
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  • Casemiro says that "When I play Counter Strike I get a lot more nervous there than playing at the Bernabéu."
  • In October last year Casemiro announced a Brazilian CS:GO roster under his esports organization CaseEsports.
  • Casemiro further revealed that his favorite weapon to play with is AWP and the map he prefers the most is Inferno.

Brazilian footballer Casemiro who is one of the most famous footballers in the world recently revealed how nervous he gets while playing CS:GO. In a recent interview with a Spanish sports website MARCA, Casemiro stated that playing CS:GO while streaming on Twitch is without a doubt more nerve-wracking than playing football in front of a crowd in Bernabéu, the home stadium of Real Madrid. Casemiro who plays as a defensive midfielder for Spanish club Real Madrid, launched his esports organization CaseEsports in October last year which features a Brazilian CS:GO roster, consisting of ‘Tier-2’ players to compete in the European region.

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Casemiro talks about CS:GO and compares it to football

Carlos Henrique Casimiro, more popularly known as Casemiro is a huge gaming enthusiast, especially for gaming titles FIFA and CS:GO. This is why one of the first teams that he recruited under his esports organization ‘CaseEsports’ was a Counter-Strike roster, with an aim to compete in lower-tier tournaments within the European region with a Brazilian lineup.

He also streams on his own Twitch channel ‘Casemiro’ where he mostly plays FIFA in ‘Pro Player Club’ mode along with a lot of competitive CS:GO. He recently revealed that streaming on Twitch has been great for him because,

“After opening the channel on Twitch, communication with fans improved a lot, people are closer to you. They ask you questions, and whenever I can, I do interact with them and answer their questions."

Casemiro also stated that due to his shy nature, he never even imagined streaming on Twitch was an option. But a lot of his peers forced him onto the platform and now he feels more nervous playing CS:GO than playing a game at the Bernabéu. He revealed the reason behind this while laughing,

“Without a doubt, people are much closer and when I fail, there is an insult. When I play Counter-Strike I get a lot more nervous there than playing at the Bernabéu. I feel more pressure with people watching me play live at videogames than football. "

Real Madrid’s Casemiro Explains Why CS:GO Makes Him More Nervous Than Football

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The Brazilian footballer further revealed that he likes to play with the AWP and that his favorite map to play was Inferno, “it's my Bernabéu” is how he exactly put it. The 29-year-old concluded by saying that though he might own a CS:GO team, he definitely does not have what it takes to play the game professionally.

Casemiro is providing a huge boost to the Brazilian region with his team, nurturing players by making them compete in the intense European region where some of the best CS:GO teams in the world hail from. It will be interesting to see how his team does in the long run!

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