CS:GO Weapon Skin That Changes Both Colour And Texture

Aditya Singh Rawat
Published On: 19 Feb 2021, 01:26 PM
  • CS:GO skin designer creates a unique P90 weapon skin that has animated texture and holographic design.
  • The skin changes colour depending upon lighting conditions and has a glow effect while firing.
  • As per the creator of this weapon skin this is the "first animated weapon skin texture" in CS:GO.

A skin creator has designed a truly unique CS:GO weapon skin called ‘P90 Screenchanger v2’ which is one of a kind, as its distinct style enables it to change both colour and texture in-game. The P90 weapon skin made by ‘u/Oliverrouz’ is created using an interesting ‘animated texture’ design, which enables the text on the weapon to switch between two different words while playing - Hold and Rush. The skin also features a smooth fluorescent colour combination in addition to a holographic texture, giving it a colour changing effect under different lighting conditions and a glow effect when firing from it.

CS:GO Weapon Skin That Changes Both Colour And Texture

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CS:GO skin with animated design - Changes colour and texture

This might be the first CS:GO weapon skin that uses an ‘animated texture’ design, giving it an animation effect that changes the text on its body between ‘Rush’ and ‘Hold’. According to the creator of this skin Oliver Rouz who goes by the name of ‘Madara’s Workshop’ on Steam, 

“The skin works like a hologram when you change the angle of the weapon and move with it, you can see the text on the weapon change between Rush or Hold, and in some instances both of them at the same time.”

This is pretty evident from the short video shared by Rouz himself who apart from being a CS:GO weapon designer is also an experienced music composer and a tattoo artist. This interesting P90 weapon skin also features a smooth fluorescent coloring and a holographic texture that give it amazing features like,

  • Colour changing ability under different lighting conditions - The perfect blend of fluorescent coloring gives this skin colour changing effect depending upon different lighting conditions.

  • Switching the text on the weapon between two different words - In the case of this weapon, Hold and Rush. Which work similarly to the glittering Tazos that were insanely popular in the early 2000s.

  • Glow effect when the weapon is fired - This means that certain parts of the weapon skin light up when a player fires from it, which is aesthetically pleasing and does not affect the gameplay aspect of the weapon in any possible way.

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The creator further says that the weapon is the “first animated weapon skin texture” in CS:GO and that he was inspired to make it from “Cyberpunk universe and Synthwave”. He further reveals that it took him a few months time to make the necessary “animation technology” that has been used in the skin.

CS:GO Weapon Skin That Changes Both Colour And Texture

The CS:GO community seems to love the CS:GO weapon skin and has showered the creator with massive praise for coming up with such a unique design. The heaps of awards on the Steam Workshop are also a positive sign, but it remains to be seen if Valve decides to officially add it to the game or not.

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