Operation Broken Fang: Week 13,14,15 CS:GO Missions Leaked

Operation Broken Fang: Week 13,14,15 CS:GO Missions Leaked

Aditya Singh Rawat
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  • Here are all the 'Operation Broken Fang' weekly CS:GO missions for week 13 to 15.
  • Weekly missions for week 12 are currently going on, while information for the next 3 weeks has now been leaked.
  • Names of all sixteen weekly missions have been revealed though information of only twelve are available at the moment.

Operation Broken Fang’s Week 13, 14, 15 CS:GO missions which are set to take place from 23 Feb to 16 March have been leaked well ahead of time. The CS:GO community has been thoroughly enjoying the currently ongoing ‘Operation Broken Fang’ for more than 2 months now. It has not been a completely smooth ride with bugs and glitches affecting a few missions every now and then, but players have been kept busy as Valve keeps pumping out a new set of weekly mission every week. 

The players keenly look forward to completing these weekly missions because it allows them to purchase in-game items, while also helping them inch towards the coveted ‘Diamond - Operation Broken Fang Coin’ which is a collectable item that the battle pass owners can obtain.

The reward points obtained by completing weekly missions can be used to purchase CS:GO items that were released along with the operation. With the 12th weekly mission currently going on here is a heads up on what the next 3 weeks might have in store for the players. Thanks to ‘u/BeepIsla’ we now have confirmed leaked information about all the CS:GO missions for weeks 13 to 15.

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Operation Broken Fang: Leaked CS:GO Weekly Missions


The next CS:GO missions which will be released next week starting 23 Feb has been titled ‘Vertiglobals’. This is because 3 out of the 4 weekly missions will be taking place on the roof of a skyscraper - Vertigo, giving players a chance to earn a total of 11 stars. None of the Vertigo missions can be completed concurrently as the requirements for them vary across different game modes.

Operation Broken Fang: Week 13,14,15 CS:GO Missions Leaked


These set of weekly missions titled ‘Turf War’ will take place from 2 March onwards, giving players an opportunity to earn a maximum of 11 stars. Most of the missions require players to obtain a certain amount of kills across different maps and game modes, making these set of missions rather interesting.

Operation Broken Fang: Week 13,14,15 CS:GO Missions Leaked


‘Spare No Expenses’ will be the second-last set of weekly missions for ‘Operation Broken Fang’. These missions will again offer a maximum of 11 stars and are scheduled to release on 9 March. The unique missions will be the one which requires players to spend a certain amount of money in Danger Zone.

Operation Broken Fang: Week 13,14,15 CS:GO Missions Leaked

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With the weekly missions for the next 3 weeks leaked, only information about Week-16 remains to be found out. Valve has still not made the information about the last week missions public yet, mostly because it contains another co-op mission and the developers want it to remain a secret for as long as possible.

So far all leaks that we have obtained through ‘u/BeepIsla’ have been accurate down to the last digit. According to him, all information pertaining to ‘Operation Broken Fang - Weekly Missions’ is already present within game files but is hidden from the user. Valve has done this to avoid weekly updates as a new set of missions can automatically be updated each week locally. We might not know the set of missions for the last week but have obtained information about the mission title. The information about the exact missions it holds within will mostly be revealed in a few weeks time.

Operation Broken Fang: Week 13,14,15 CS:GO Missions Leaked
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