CS:GO Update Fixes Wallhack Ping Bug And Fake Footstep Bug

Aditya Singh Rawat
Published On: 18 Feb 2021, 01:45 PM
  • Latest Valve update rolls out a fix for both wallhack ping bug and fake footstep bug.
  • The wallhack ping bug was critical and allowed players to use the CS:GO ping feature to clear corners by detecting enemies through walls.
  • The fake footstep bug caused a lot of confusion as players used to hear incorrect sound from certain surfaces.

CS:GO has managed to fix two massive bugs with their recent update that they rolled out earlier today on 18 Feb. One of the bugs they fixed was related to their new ‘Dynamic Ping Feature’ which was added to CS:GO along with ‘Operation Broken Fang’, currently underway. The other bug was related to a fake footstep sound, players would hear an incorrect footstep sound on top of certain surfaces which would give wrong information to the opponent many times. Both these issues were addressed by Valve today along with multiple map changes for Anubis, Engage, Apollo, and Frostbite.

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CS:GO Update Fixes Multiple Critical Bugs

CS:GO Wallhack Ping Bug Fixed

Soon after Valve had fixed a game-breaking ping bug which was found by Na’Vi Junior’s substitute player Ilya “m0NESY” Osipovbug, another bug related to the ping feature had cropped up a few weeks later.

The old bug enabled players to spot enemy heroes through walls if they crossed or picked up a weapon, utility, or the C4, that had been highlighted using the ping feature. This happened because the ping used to jump over to the enemy player, highlighting them through solid surfaces and giving players information about their position.

After this bug was fixed by Valve, a new ping bug was found using which players could clear corners and angles without the risk of peeking them. They simply had to ping at the corner, and if an enemy was holding that particular spot, the ping icon would automatically jump on them. This would give players information through solid surfaces and they could simply pre-fire that corner to take a kill.

Valve took notice of this critical ping bug which was literally acting like a free wallhack. Yes, it was not useful in all situations but could give a huge advantage in clutch situations.

CS:GO Update Fixes Wallhack Ping Bug And Fake Footstep Bug
Dynamic ping feature added by CS:GO

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CS:GO Fake Footstep Bug Fixed

Another bug that Valve has fixed is the footstep bug which used to give opponents wrong information, as they would hear incorrect footsteps of enemy players when they used to walk on top of certain surfaces. With sound being the primary and most important source of information in CS:GO, this particular bug used to confuse a lot of opponents and was a big nuisance for quite some time now.

Apart from this, Valve has also made changes to various maps like Anubis, Engage, Apollo, and Frostbite. Improving certain spots on those maps and making them more playable. For the complete set of patch notes Click Here.

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