CS:GO Mobile Clone for Android ‘Global Offensive Mobile’ Spotted on Google Play Store


CS:GO Mobile Clone for Android ‘Global Offensive Mobile’ Spotted on Google Play Store

Aditya Singh Rawat
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  • An unofficial CS:GO mobile game clone called 'Global Offensive Mobile' was recently spotted which is a ditto copy of the PC title.
  • The mobile game is currently in a closed beta testing phase and is only available in Thailand for Android devices through the Google Play Store.
  • This CS:GO mobile clone has copied everything from the title, maps, weapon models, buy menu, and many other features.

A mobile version of CS:GO has recently been spotted for Android devices on the Google Play Store called ‘Global Offensive Mobile’. This mobile game is not an official remake of CS:GO, it is in fact an exact clone of the original PC game which has been published by ‘Cheese WT’ for Android devices. As per information, ‘Global Offensive Mobile’ is currently only available in Thailand and is running a ‘Closed Beta Test’ up until 18 Feb. The official release date of the game has not been announced yet but from the looks of the mobile game, it seems to be a ditto copy of CS:GO so far.

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CS:GO Mobile Clone For Android - Global Offensive Mobile

Valve might not have shown any interest in expanding one of the most popular online games in the world to the mobile platform, but other developers are keen on trying this out. Recently ‘Cheese WT’ has come forward with an unofficial mobile version of CS:GO called ‘Global Offensive Mobile’ for the Thai community, where gaming on mobile devices is extremely popular.

Apart from copying part of the title another massive red flag for the mobile game is that, instead of being inspired by CS:GO, it is actually a clone of the PC game. From the images shared by the developers on their official Google Play Store page, anyone can notice that the maps and weapons have been directly copy-pasted from CS:GO, earning it the title of ‘CS:GO Mobile’.

CS:GO Mobile Clone for Android ‘Global Offensive Mobile’ Spotted on Google Play Store

‘Global Offensive Mobile’ is currently operating a ‘Closed Beta Testing’ which is scheduled to go on till 18 Feb. Right now the mobile game features 6 game modes and 6 different maps, 3 of which are Dust 2, Inferno, and Mirage. Yes, the developers have not even bothered to change the names of these maps!

All the CS:GO weapons are present in this cloned mobile version, each one of them perfectly copied to the game and function in a similar manner as well. Multiple walkthroughs, teaser trailers, and gameplay videos of ‘Global Offensive Mobile’ have flooded the internet in the past week.

CS:GO Mobile Clone for Android ‘Global Offensive Mobile’ Spotted on Google Play Store

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CS:GO Mobile Clone - Future, Current Stats

The mobile game has garnered a lot of attention from the Southeast Asian countries, Brazil, and even Turkey, with the two latter countries, even receiving their own chat lobbies in the game’s Discord server. Which could also be a hint towards where the game developers are looking to expand next.

This CS:GO mobile clone already has a lot of skins available for weapons and the in-game transactions seem to be their method of making a profit off the game. While many players from other countries are downloading the APK version of this game. As per data available through Google Play Store, ‘Global Offensive Mobile’ is a 1.2 GB mobile game with a rating of 3.5 from 235 users and has more than 10,000 downloads at the moment.

The CS:GO community was quite surprised to see that the mobile game had blatantly copied maps, gun models, title, and other such features from the PC game. Most of them were of the opinion that it would certainly face a heavy lawsuit from Valve, while a few others had some controversial theories of their own. It will be interesting to see what happens to this mobile game upon its official release!

CS:GO Mobile Clone for Android ‘Global Offensive Mobile’ Spotted on Google Play Store

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