CS:GO Legend Olofmeister Leaves FaZe Clan, Does Not Confirm Retirement

CS:GO Legend Olofmeister Leaves FaZe Clan, Does Not Confirm Retirement

Aditya Singh Rawat
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  • Olofmeister announces his departure from FaZe Clan, will give an update about his future in CS:GO soon.
  • He was the top performer for FaZe Clan in his final match against Na'Vi at BLAST Premier: Spring Finals 2020.
  • The Swedish legend is once again taking a break after he was recalled by FaZe Clan in October last year.

Swedish CS:GO legend Olof “olofmeister” Kajbjer Gustafsson has left FaZe Clan following their ‘2-0’ loss to Natus Vincere at BLAST Premier: Spring Groups 2021. Olofmeister reiterated the fact that he is still uncertain about his retirement from CS:GO and will give an update about his future soon. For now, the 29-year-old is once against stepping down from the competitive circuit to take a break, mostly to think stuff through and arrive at a decision. His departure has depleted FaZe Clan to a four-man roster as they await the arrival of their new in-game leader, who according to multiple speculations and reports is none other than Finn "karrigan" Andersen.

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Olofmeister confirms departure from FaZe Clan

As already announced by Marcelo “coldzera” David in an interview with BLAST, Olofmeister has left FaZe Clan following the conclusion of BLAST Premier: Spring Groups 2021. The Swedish legend who joined FaZe 3.5 years ago in Aug 2018 has once again taken a break from the competitive circuit, mostly to clear his head and think about his future in CS:GO.

“Not the ending i wanted but we qualified and that was the most important! Time to take a step back and ill update you guys about my future. Was a lot of fun playing and the future is looking really bright for the FaZe team, wish them nothing but the best as always!”

The two-time CS:GO Major winner was the best performer for FaZe Clan in his final match representing the organization. Olofmeister managed to secure 34 kills across two maps against Na’Vi with an ADR (Average Damage per Round) of 71.6. Many in the CS:GO community came forward and urged him to continue playing after this performance, including Astralis’ IGL Lukas "gla1ve" Rossander.

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Olofmeister had initially dismissed all claims of him retiring from Counter-Strike in a post-match interview with BLAST, where he had stated the following,

"When I took the break with FaZe, that was my idea to think about what I want to do. I have retirement in my mind, but I haven't decided on anything yet. I see a lot of people writing and I don't want to say anything until it all becomes official, but I haven't made my mind up yet, so I just want to say that."

He was pulled out of his indefinite break which he had taken in May 2020 to help FaZe, following the departure of their star player Nikola “NiKo” Kovac. But he never returned as a permanent player operating as a stand-in for the last five months. The CS:GO community impatiently awaits an update from Olofmeister about his future, but will a team even sign him if he decides to return?

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