ROG Masters APAC 2021 CS:GO Tournament Announced

Aditya Singh Rawat
Published On: 09 Feb 2021, 03:15 PM
  • ROG Masters APAC 2021 has been announced featuring a total prize pool of $32,600 USD.
  • A total of 32 CS:GO teams will be participating in the main event from 15 different countries.
  • Each of the 15 countries will have a separate qualifier with an individual prize pool.

The ROG Masters APAC 2021 CS:GO Tournament has been announced featuring a total prize pool of $32,600 USD. The ROG Masters tournament will be returning after a break of three years with a total of 32 Asian teams competing in the Regional Finals from 15 different countries. The registration for the tournament has already begun and will continue to take place till 28th February, with the National qualifiers set to take place in March and April, leading to the ROG Masters APAC 2021 - Main Event scheduled to take place from 22nd- 25th April. This tournament is set to be a completely online competition.

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ROG Masters APAC 2021

Tournament Schedule

National Qualifier

National qualifiers will be held for 15 different countries within the Asia-Pacific region. Each country will have an open qualifier through which 16 teams will qualify for their respective national-level main event. Every national qualifier will have an individual prize pool and a certain number of teams from each one of these qualifiers will further move on to the main event.

Here is a detailed breakdown of everything related to the ROG Masters APAC 2021 - National Qualifiers,

Prize Pool
National Qualifier
National Finals
Teams Qualifying
Australia$1,40016 April18 AprilTop 3
Bangladesh$80015 April17 AprilWinner
Cambodia$8009 April11 AprilWinner
Hong Kong$1,20026 March28 MarchTop 2
India$1,4008 April10 AprilTop 3
Indonesia$1,40015 April17 AprilTop 3
Japan$1,40016 April18 AprilTop 3
Malaysia$1,2002 April4 AprilTop 2
Myanmar$800N/A10 AprilWinner
Philippines$1,2001 April3 AprilTop 2
Singapore$1,20026 March28 MarchTop 2
South Korea$1,4002 April4 AprilTop 3
Sri Lanka$80025 March27 MarchWinner
Thailand$1,40025 March27 MarchTop 3
Vietnam$1,2009 April11 AprilTop 2

Main Event

The main event will feature a total of 32 CS:GO teams making their way through 15 national qualifiers. These teams will be competing from 22-25 April for a $15,000 prize pool. The main event will be following a single-elimination format where each faceoff will be a best-of-three series.

ROG Masters APAC 2021 CS:GO Tournament Announced

The registration for all the national qualifiers has already started on 8 February and will be going on till the end of this month. All those interested in registering for the tournament can Click Here. This is all the information that has been announced till now about the tournament and more details will be revealed in the coming time.

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