North CS:GO Sticker Prices Skyrocket on Steam as Esports Org Shuts Down

Aditya Singh Rawat
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  • Prices of North CS:GO Stickers skyrocket on the Steam Community Market.
  • An increase in sticker prices was observed immediately after the Danish esports organization North announced its exit from esports.
  • Some of the highest selling North CS:GO Stickers are North (Foil) - Atlanta 2017, North (Gold) | 2020 RMR, and North (Foil) | Boston 2018.

Danish organization North’s exit from esports was announced yesterday on 5 Feb, immediately after which the prices of North’s CS:GO stickers skyrocketed on Steam. This might be the best time for all CS:GO collectors and traders to make an investment that they can cash in later. North’s exit from CS:GO after just 4 years since its inception in Jan 2017 has been wholly criticised by the entire community, who have pointed out that the Danish organization lacked decision making and wasted a whole lot of money for nothing in return. Reputed esports journalist Richard Lewis even went ahead and said that “Outside of the Overwatch League, North will go down as one of the biggest wastes of money in esports.”

Well, the decision by North Esports’ joint owners Parken Sport & Entertainment (F.C. Copenhagen’s parent company) and Nordisk Film has resulted in the prices of all North CS:GO stickers shooting up. Here is a quick look at some of the highest-selling North stickers, some of which have even tripled and quadrupled in price.

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Prices of North CS:GO stickers skyrocket on Steam

Just like how the market works in real life, even the Steam Community Market works in a similar manner, every event that takes place in and around the CS:GO competitive circuit has a direct impact on in-game virtual cosmetics related to the game. Their prices are affected by everything that goes around in the competitive scene, and the recent shut down of Danish esports organization North has had a similar effect on the team’s CS:GO sticker prices.

All the stickers have increased in price, some have doubled, while a few of them have even grown by three times their base price. Here is a list of North CS:GO stickers that are currently the most expensive on the Steam Community Market,

1. Sticker | North (Foil) | Atlanta 2017

The ELEAGUE Major: Atlanta 2017 was the first-ever CS:GO Major that North had participated in, taking place within a month of the organization announcing its arrival. Despite the lack of practice, North was able to make their way through to the Playoffs, finishing the tournament at the 5th-8th position.

Before North’s exit, the average price of ‘North (Foil) - Atlanta 2017’ was slightly below $50 USD and right after their announcement, it touched a peak of $153.5. Right now the average price of the sticker is around $125.

North CS:GO Sticker Prices Skyrocket on Steam as Esports Org Shuts Down

2. Sticker | North (Gold) | 2020 RMR

The most recent North sticker among the collection ‘North (Gold) - 2020 RMR’ was being sold for below $20 until yesterday and has since jumped up to hit a peak of $82. The average price of this sticker is around $80 at the moment, increasing four times its initial value.

North CS:GO Sticker Prices Skyrocket on Steam as Esports Org Shuts Down

3. Sticker | North (Foil) | Boston 2018

North’s presence at another ELEAGUE CS:GO Major had presented them with a new sticker and despite their horrible performance at the tournament, ‘North (Foil) - Boston 2018’ sticker is currently being sold at an average price of around $66.

The stickers value has increased from around $25 before North’s exit to more than doubling in price. It might not have increased the most but is the third most expensive North sticker on the list.

North CS:GO Sticker Prices Skyrocket on Steam as Esports Org Shuts Down

4. Sticker | North (Foil) | London 2018

The sticker that North obtained for competing at the FACEIT Major London 2018 where they finished 17th-19th is the fourth most expensive North sticker. The sticker rose from an average of $15 to currently selling for around $54, which is a huge jump more than triple its initial price.

North CS:GO Sticker Prices Skyrocket on Steam as Esports Org Shuts Down

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These four North CS:GO stickers are currently leading the race as the most expensive ones with others also observing an increase in their average selling price, but are still selling for below $50. 

North CS:GO Sticker Prices Skyrocket on Steam as Esports Org Shuts Down

The Steam Community Market is a volatile place and it is hard to predict how the prices of these stickers will change going ahead, it could be a good investment or the prices might fall after riding high for some time. So do be careful before making a move.

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