Astralis CS:GO Coach Zonic Eats His Words About CS 1.6, Like a Boss!


Astralis CS:GO Coach Zonic Eats His Words About CS 1.6, Like a Boss!

Aditya Singh Rawat
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  • Zonic reacts to a user's comment on his eight year old tweet from August 2012.
  • The tweet was made by Zonic two days after Valve released CS:GO in which he had stated that there was no way CS:GO would ever be bigger than CS 1.6.
  • Zonic who was a professional CS 1.6 player transitioned to a role of a coach with CS:GO.

Renowned Danish Counter-Strike coach Danny "zonic" Sorensen had a few words to say about CS 1.6 after a user recently commented on one of his Twitter posts from 2012. Zonic eight years ago had stated that there was no way CS:GO would ever be bigger than CS 1.6, “Not this week, month, year or decade!" Well, it turns out that after more than 8 years since its release CS:GO has only grown stronger, turning into one of the biggest esport titles in the world. During this journey, zonic has himself transformed from a player to a coach and so has his perspective, as he ate his own words like a boss!

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Zonic reacts to his old tweet about CS 1.6 and CS:GO

On 23 August 2012, two days after CS:GO was officially released by Valve, Danish Counter-Strike coach and former player zonic had said that “There is no way CS:GO will be bigger than 1.6 ever were. Not this week, month, year, or decade!”

Well, here we are more than 8 years down the line and CS:GO has turned out to be one of the biggest esport titles across the world. CS:GO has been consistently clocking a peak of more than a million concurrent users in recent times, and the growth has not plateaued even a bit.

A CS:GO user recently commented on zonic’s old tweet, sarcastically commenting “What about next decade?”. Acknowledging his wrong prediction about CS:GO, zonic staying true to his character accepted his mistake like a boss. He sarcastically commented “Never. Not even close!” and handled the situation well.

Zonic’s glory days as a Counter-Strike player are deep-rooted to CS 1.6 with his career starting all the way back in 2003 up until 2012, the year when CS 1.6 was left for CS:GO. The transition over to the Counter-Strike’s sequel was rough, the community was not at all happy with a lot of changes combined with the professional players having their own rants and judgements about many things.

But slowly CS:GO started getting accepted and with it zonic went on to become one of the best Counter-Strike coaches of all time. He has been a part of Astralis since 2016 and under his guidance, the Danish organization has gone on to lift 4 CS:GO Major trophies, most by any CS:GO organization.

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Astralis is currently playing in the lower bracket of BLAST Premier: Spring Groups 2021, after losing to Na’Vi in the finals of BLAST Premier: Global Final 2020 which was the first big CS:GO tournament this year. Last year was a wild ride for them, it will be interesting to see how they do this year with the team not utilizing their six-man roster tot heir maximum potential.

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