Belgian Football Team Club Brugge Enters CS:GO

Aditya Singh Rawat
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  • Belgian football team 'Club Brugge' has announced their Belgium-Polish CS:GO roster.
  • The CS:GO team is set to debut at the upcoming €6,000 EUR (7,335.63 USD) Benelux tournament - Elite Series Season 1: Spring Split.

Club Brugge is the latest football club to enter competitive CS:GO with a Belgian-Polish lineup. This announcement comes just days after Argentinian Football club ‘Boca Juniors’ also stepped into Counter-Strike with a majority Argentinian roster. Club Brugge is a Belgium football club based in Bruges and is one of the most decorated clubs in Belgian football, and this is a huge step for their esports department ‘Club Brugge eSports’. By expanding into CS:GO the organization expects to provide its partners with more visibility, while also offering increased coverage from the club’s in-house media department. Let’s take a look at the team’s composition and their plans regarding this move.

Club Brugge complete CS:GO roster is as follows,

  • Steven "⁠Stev0se⁠" Rombaut
  • Robin "⁠simix⁠" Bynens
  • Richard "⁠ritchiEE⁠" Mestdagh
  • Mateusz "⁠matty⁠" Kołodziejczyk
  • Mateusz "⁠n0tice⁠" Wolniak

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Belgian football club expands into competitive CS:GO

Club Brugge might be the first big football team from the region to expand into competitive CS:GO. The Belgian-Polish CS:GO team under the wing of their esports department is not aiming for an international breakthrough, rather they are aiming for grassroot level tournaments to find a rhythm and place within the European CS:GO scene.

The 27-year-old experienced Belgian AWPer Steven "Stev0se" Rombaut will be the in-game leader for the young team. He will be the guiding light for the team and his experience will be invaluable as the team starts on a new journey. Stev0se has played for some known CS:GO teams like Epsilon Esports and Tenerife Titans.

The Polish duo of Matty and ⁠n0tice⁠ will be playing the role of lurker and fragger for the side, while simix and ⁠ritchiEE⁠ will take on the role of a support and an entry fragger. Together the team has a significant amount of experience and have already won a lot of local tournaments like ESL Benelux Championship and NumberOne Season 1.

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The team is scheduled to debut at the upcoming Elite Series Season 1: Spring Split where they are one of the direct invites among 5 other CS:GO teams. The €6,000 EUR (7,335.63 USD) tournament will observe participation from ‘Tier-Two’ CS:GO teams from the region and it will be interesting to see how Club Brugge CS:GO roster performs in their first tournament.

Belgian Football Team Club Brugge Enters CS:GO

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