Argentinian Football Club Boca Juniors Enters CS:GO

Aditya Singh Rawat
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  • Argentinian football club 'Boca Junior' enters competitive CS:GO.
  • Boca Junior had announced in December last year that they would enter esports, both LoL and CS:GO.
  • The team will be competing in both local and regional CS:GO tournaments.

Argentinian football club called Boca Juniors who stepped into the world of esports earlier this year with ‘Boca Jrs. Gaming’, has entered the world of competitive Counter-Strike with a new CS:GO roster.

The Buenos Aires-based sports club had announced its plan to expand into esports in early December last year. At the time, the club had made the following statement: “From 2021 the club will be part of the most important tournaments in Argentina and the region (South America) in different disciplines of electronic sports.”

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Argentinian football club enters competitive CS:GO

Sticking to their promise of announcing both a League of Legends and a CS:GO team, the Argentinian sports club under their esports department called ‘Boca Jrs. Gaming’ has successfully established the two rosters.

Their CS:GO team announced earlier today comprises of a majority Argentinian lineup along with one player from Kazakhstan. For now, this team will be mostly participating in local CS:GO tournaments within Argentina along with playing a few regional tournaments also.

Argentinian Football Club Boca Juniors Enters CS:GO

The Boca Jrs. Gaming - CS:GO lineup is as follows,

  • Facundo “minimal“ Pereyra
  • Vladimir “vlad” Bancalari
  • Leonardo “ABM” Acuna
  • Rodrigo “ro” Farina
  • Eduardo “laser“ Chshekin

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Minimal is the senior most player on the team and brings with him a lot of experience to a new CS:GO team. The 28-year-old has been competing since early 2014 and will be the driver for this team as they start on a new journey.

Argentinian Football Club Boca Juniors Enters CS:GO

The youngest members of the team, vlad and laser at the age of 19 will be providing the additional firepower to this team. The two are just starting off their careers and playing under the banner of Boca Jrs. Gaming can be beneficial for them.

ABM and ro are the last two players on the lineup and round up the team pretty well. The 24 and 26 year old, will bring both stability and maturity to this lineup who will be starting their competitive journey soon.

The team also got a huge shoutout and a vote of confidence from the ‘Kings of Swedish Counter-Strike’ - Fnatic. They welcomed the new Argentinian squad to CS:GO and wished them the best on their journey ahead. With a lot of sports organizations and clubs turning towards esports, it will be interesting to see how well does this team match up to them.

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