ZywOo had Better Spray Control & Counter-Strafing Than s1mple in 2020


ZywOo had Better Spray Control & Counter-Strafing Than s1mple in 2020

Aditya Singh Rawat
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  • Despite a decision being made, the debate of who is the best CS:GO player between s1mple and ZywOo rages on.
  • To give more insight on how 2020 went for the two players, Leetify has published detailed stats on 17 different metrics.
  • Has this additional insight helped you reach a decision on who the best CS:GO player is?

A decision might have been made between who the better player is between the two CS:GO stars, Mathieu "ZywOo" Herbaut and Oleksandr "s1mple" Kostyliev. But the dust is still far from settled on the topic, as the debate continues to rage on within the CS:GO community, intensifying with each passing tournament in which the two compete.

To give a more detailed insight on how the two players fared against each other in 2020, CS:GO statistics website ‘Leetify’ has come out with a full-blown comparison between them across various incredible metrics. Sadly, this has made the discussion even more confusing as the additional stats fail to point out a clear winner.

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ZywOo vs S1mple (2020) - Detailed Comparison

The original decision by HLTV had announced ZywOo as the ‘Best CS:GO Player of 2020’ ahead of s1mple, based on his ability to pull off high impact plays and maintain incredible consistency through the year. However, this did not go down as sound reasoning for many community members including the esports historian - Duncan "Thorin" Shields, who considers s1mple a far better player than ZywOo at the moment.

To bring more clarity to this controversial debate, Leetify decided to bring in some more stats to clear the air and probably come up with a clear winner. But even after comparing the two players across 17 different highly detailed metrics, it is almost impossible to pick a clear winner.

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The tradeoffs that these two players have is just too close While ZywOo might have a better ‘Spray Control’ and ‘Counter-Strafing’, s1mple has a better ‘Headshot Accuracy’ and ‘Crosshair Placement’. Not only this, but even the difference between their stats across all metrics is barely 2-3% on an average.

At the end of the day, when it comes to picking the best CS:GO player between these two there is no clear winner. It just boils down to personal preference, what a user likes to see in a player, and individual stat comparison with a lot of nitpicking.

However, this is also a clear indication of how competitive this year is going to be for these two absolute beasts. S1mple might have taken the head start similar to last year by winning the BLAST Premier: Global Challenge 2020, where he put up a godlike performance. But with ZywOo having a slightly better team the chances of him bouncing back is never too far.

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