Valve Reveals 2021 RMR Events Details for PGL Stockholm Major

Valve Reveals 2021 RMR Events Details for PGL Stockholm Major

Aditya Singh Rawat
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  • Here is all the information about '2021 RMR Events' which will lead up to the PGL Stockholm Major 2021.
  • A total of 24 teams will qualify for the $2 million Stockholm Major from 6 different regions.
  • Valve has also highlighted various scenarios which can lead to a deduction in RMR points.

Valve has come forward to unveil its plans for the ‘2021 RMR Events’ which will be acting as qualifiers to the PGL Stockholm Major. While the points from the ‘2020 RMR Events’ is reset the 24 teams that qualified last year did get a sticker as part of the ‘2020 RMR Sticker Capsules’.

Here is everything you need to know for about the RMR tournaments leading up to the $2 million Stockholm Major all set to take place from 23 Oct - 7 Nov.

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2021 RMR Events: Complete Details

All teams which will be participating in the upcoming Major will earn their invites through the 2021 regional rankings. The point distribution for the upcoming RMR events is going to be as follows,

Valve Reveals 2021 RMR Events Details for PGL Stockholm Major

“RMR points are reset for 2021, however the 2020 RMR Legends will start with 600, Challengers with 300, and contenders with 100 points.”

The top 24 teams will be invited for the PGL Stockholm Major from six different regions; North America, Europe, Asia, CIS, South America, and Oceania. These 24 teams will be equally divided between Legend, Challenger, and Contender.

Valve states that the number of teams being invited from a specific region depends on that region’s performance in the previous Major. So based on the performance of StarLadder Berlin Major 2019, the invitations for number of teams from each region are as follows,

Valve Reveals 2021 RMR Events Details for PGL Stockholm Major

Europe as usual will have the most number of invites due to it being the most competitive region, this will be followed by both CIS and NA having equal number of total slots, and finally SA, Asia, Oceania with one team each representing the regions.

Along with this generic information, Valve has detailed out various scenarios through which teams can lose their RMR points. This can be player substitution during an event, roster shuffle after having submitted a roster, and other such changes.

  • When submitting a roster for an RMR event, teams can change up to two members of their prior roster at a cost of 20% of the team’s points, per player. Replacing three or more players between events will result in a points reset.

  • Teams can register a reserve player for each event. Between matches, the team can sub the reserve player at a cost of 20% penalty to points earned at the event, and can sub the reserve player out for the original player at no additional cost. Each time the team chooses to sub a reserve player in, they incur an additional 20% penalty to points earned at the event.
  • If a team wants to make their substitute a permanent member of their roster. They would lose 20% of their earned points at the current event, and an additional 20% of their total points when they register for the next event with an updated roster.
  • During online matches only players are allowed in the room and on the server. Neither coaches nor any other team staff will be allowed in the room, on the server, or to otherwise communicate with the team during an online match.

Apart from this, Valve has also made a few gameplay changes which was well received by the community members, but the severe restrictions against CS:GO coaches has been a point of contention. The schedule of the ‘2021 RMR Events’ will be announced in the coming weeks along with who will be conducting those tournaments.

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