Valve Bans CS:GO Coaches From Majors for Spectator Bug Abuse

Valve Bans CS:GO Coaches From Majors for Spectator Bug Abuse

Aditya Singh Rawat
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  • Valve is all set to ban CS:GO coaches who were caught by ESIC for abusing the 'Spectator Bug'.
  • Coaches caught for cheating will be missing out on a set number of CS:GO Majors depending on their 'ESIC Demerit Points'.
  • To maintain integrity Valve has taken a decision to not allow coach and players to be together during an online match.

Valve has finally spoken about what action it would take against the CS:GO coaches who were caught by ESIC (Esports Integrity Commission) in the ‘Spectator Bug Abuse’ scandal which surfaced last year on September 2020.

According to a public statement released by Valve, all the coaches who were caught by ESIC will be missing out on a set number of CS:GO Majors depending upon their ‘ESIC Demerit Points’. The punishment ranges from a minimum of just one CS:GO Major all the way up to a permanent ban from all Valve sponsored tournaments.

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Valve set to ban CS:GO coaches from Majors

Valve has taken a decision to ban CS:GO coaches who abused the ‘Spectator Bug’ from Majors depending upon the extent of their cheating. They will be measuring this based on the ‘ESIC Demerit Points’ which will soon be made public knowledge in the coming weeks.

After the demerit points against all the accused CS:GO coaches have been set by ESIC, they will be matched against the ‘Major Ineligibility’ criteria set by Valve which is as follows:

This means that a lot of CS:GO coaches are going to be absent from multiple Valve sponsored tournaments, based on how much they abused the ‘Spectator Bug’. The rule will also be applicable to all the other coaches whose name comes out in the future, as ESIC has come forward to state that “The second portion of our investigation into the Spectator Bug is forthcoming and will be announced formally in the coming weeks.”

ESIC had released their initial report in September last year after which 37 CS:GO coaches had faced a ban from multiple CS:GO tournaments for varying durations of time. Even Valve had acknowledged this exploit at the time, though they had not taken any action directly against an individual coach they had stated that,

“Any teams that were disqualified for exploiting this bug during an RMR event will have their RMR points reset.”

Now almost four months later Valve is taking action against these coaches as well, “We (Valve) have decided that coaches that exploited the camera bug will be ineligible to participate in some number of future Valve-sponsored events–that number to be determined by the extent of the abuse.”

Valve, in order to maintain the integrity of Valve-sponsored tournaments and to ensure that no abuse takes place, has also put a restriction on support staff by publishing a guideline which prohibits coaches from being in the same room or on the server with the players during online matches.

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