CS:GO Update Adds Bonus Team Income and Technical Timeouts

CS:GO Update Adds Bonus Team Income and Technical Timeouts

Aditya Singh Rawat
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  • Valve introduces two new features to 'Competitive' and 'Wingman' matchmaking with the latest CS:GO update.
  • The developers introduce 'Shorthanded Loser Income' which is nothing but 'Bonus Team Income' and 'Technical Timeouts'.
  • Initial response from the community is quite positive and Valve has combated multiple problems with these two solutions.

Valve released an update for CS:GO earlier today on 28 January which includes some small changes that will have a huge impact on how CS:GO matchmaking is played out. The developers have added two new features to the ‘Competitive’ and ‘Wingman’ game modes, 

  • ‘Shorthanded Loser Income’ which is just a fancy name for ‘Bonus Team Income’, this as the name suggests will grant extra money to the team if they are playing with lesser number of teammates.

  • ‘Technical Timeout’ which is something new and have been designed to trigger automatically  whenever a teammate disconnects.

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Valve adds two new features to CS:GO matchmaking

Last time Valve pushed out a feature for ‘Competitive’ and ‘Wingman’ game modes they received a lot of backlash from the CS:GO community. Not a single player was happy about ‘CS:GO Bots’ being removed, with a common complaint being Valve took an easy way out by completely removing a feature instead of improving it.

Well, this time the developers did not touch any of the old features instead introduced a few new ones like giving bonus money to a team with a lesser number of players and an automatic technical timeout, giving disconnected players a chance to come back without the team facing any massive disadvantage.

Shorthanded Loser Income or Bonus Team Income

With the bots being removed by Valve in the previous update, the community was constantly complaining about how unfair the competitive matchmaking had become. Players were being kicked and with no bots to replace them, the whole experience had deteriorated even more than before.

Valve took care of both these problems with one solution, ‘Shorthanded Loser Income’. What this basically means is that teams with lesser number of players will get bonus cash if they lose a round.

“If your team has fewer players than the opposing team for 3 or more consecutive rounds in the half, each of your team members will receive a $1000 ‘Shorthanded Loser Income’ following a round loss. This does not apply in cases where a player was kicked.”

Technical Timeout

We often come across a scenario where certain players of a team do not vote ‘Yes’ to call a pause when one of their teammates disconnects. This leads to a lot of problems like toxicity between players of the same teams, throwing the match knowingly, and other such negative behavior.

To bring a stop to this practice Valve has introduced a compulsory 2 minutes ‘Technical Timeout’ which will trigger automatically when a teammate disconnects. This will only happen once for both the teams and “will end early if the teammate abandons or reconnects to the match”.

Both these changes have been accepted by the CS:GO community with open arms and the initial response is quite positive. Such quality of life changes was expected from Valve a long time back, but the community is glad to have received them now.

Some other changes shipped out by Valve with this CS:GO update is,

  • The pinging system now displaying the name of the pinged location.

  • Addition of a console command to “control automatic parachute behavior” in Danger Zone.

  • Multiple changes to the map Elysion.

The read in detail about the whole set of changes Click Here.

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