Update on DreamHack Hyderabad to be Announced After March

Update on DreamHack Hyderabad to be Announced After March

Aditya Singh Rawat
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  • DreamHack has announced its CS:GO tournament schedule for 2021 which includes 4 confirmed and 4 probable events.
  • DreamHack Hyderabad is one of the tournaments for which the organizers will be providing further updates over the coming months.
  • The Hyderabad Festival was originally planned to take place in 2020 but had to be postponed due to the global health situation.

ESL and DreamHack unveiled their 2021 event calendar yesterday on 21 January, announcing a total of 11 confirmed CS:GO tournaments. A few of these competitions are planned to take place in a LAN environment with a live audience, while the rest are set to be a combination of both an online and a studio event.

Out of the 11 events, DreamHack is currently guaranteed to organize 4 tournaments with an update on 4 more to be announced over the course of the coming months. DreamHack Hyderabad is one of the events which will be decided upon by the organizers after March along with a few other DreamHack Festivals like Valencia, Montreal, and Rotterdam.

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DreamHack to post update on Hyderabad Festival soon

DreamHack announced yesterday its schedule for the 2021 competitive CS:GO season with 4 tournaments set to take place, while updates on 4 more are awaited. Here is the schedule that has been released so far along with all the relevant and available details,

Prize pool
DH Masters Spring 2021
29 Apr - May 9
DH Atlanta 2021
12 - 14 Nov
DH Winter 2021
26 - 28 Nov
DH Madrid 2021

DreamHack Masters Spring 2021 is set to be a part of the ESL Pro Tour featuring a total prize pool of $250,000. It has been announced as a studio tournament with 16 teams set to participate in the event. The remaining 3 events are DreamHack Festivals scheduled to take place in a proper LAN environment towards the tail end of the year, more details about them will be announced soon.

Apart from this, DreamHack has come forward to state that decision on four more Festivals is currently pending and an update on them will be soon provided by the organizers over the coming months. This includes DreamHack Hyderabad which was originally scheduled to take place last year but due to the global health situation was postponed.

Update on DreamHack Hyderabad to be Announced After March

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DreamHack Hyderabad which was originally supposed to take place from 30 Oct - 1 Nov 2020 featuring a reported prize pool of $250,000 had to be postponed, but with the world slowly coming back on track it is one of the events that is still under consideration by the organizers.

Update on DreamHack Hyderabad to be Announced After March

Further update on the Hyderabad Festival will be provided by DreamHack soon, but the fact that it has been mentioned along with other uncertain events like DreamHack Valencia, Montreal, and Rotterdam, can be taken as a positive cue going forward.

DreamHack first came to India in 2018 with DreamHack Mumbai which was followed by Dreamhack Delhi taking place in 2019. These tournaments are one of the biggest esports events that take place in India and their continued interest to hold more such events is a sign of growth for the local gaming community.

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