[Watch] S1mple Hits Impossible Flick With an AWP Against Liquid


[Watch] S1mple Hits Impossible Flick With an AWP Against Liquid

Aditya Singh Rawat
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  • S1mple hits a ridiculously insane flick shot with an AWP against Team Liquid on Nuke.
  • He had a total of 36 kills on the map but even this was not enough for Na'Vi to win the game.
  • Do you think any other AWPer can recreate this unreal flick shot?

The Ukrainian CS:GO star Oleksandr "s1mple" Kostyliev might not have been the ‘Best CS:GO Player in the World’ last year but he is still the uncontested ‘God of Counter-Strike’, because the flick shot he hit yesterday is simply impossible to recreate, no pun intended.

Team Liquid were facing Na’Vi on Nuke and despite having a great start things were looking grim for them in the second half as s1mple started going ham with an AWP. He took some spectacular shots with the scoped rifle but the one that defied all logic came in the 22nd round, when s1mple hit an unreal flick shot that left the commentators speechless and the viewers shocked.

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S1mple hits an impossible flick shot with an AWP

S1mple gifted the CS:GO community with one of those special moments yesterday because of which he is referred to as the ‘God of Counter-Strike’. The 23-year-old hit a flick shot which is impossible to recreate and will probably cost us all our wrists, if we even tried to pull that off in competitive matchmaking.

Na’Vi were facing a ‘11-5’ deficit at one point of the game on Nuke after which s1mple got his hands on an AWP, this became the turning point of the game as s1mple hammered Liquid across the map. On the 22nd round as Liquid was trying to rotate from outside, they were caught in a compromising situation and s1mple punished them hard with a double kill.

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From the clip above one can see that s1mple was himself rotating but when he noticed that the smoke was wearing, he stuck around and was gifted with NAF’s kill. Instinctively, s1mple peeked mid once again and out of the corner of his eye spotted Grim going down towards ‘B-Site’. 

This is when his inhuman reactions kicked in and he hit the most insane flick shot ever to take down Grim. The commentators who were requesting a replay of s1mple’s previous kill up until this point were left speechless, while the viewers went crazy after watching this insane flick shot through the wall.

It is very tough to measure and state accurately how much of it was luck and skill, but one thing that can be said for sure is that luck only plays a big role when skill reduces the gap to achieve something. We all know that if there is a CS:GO player qualified enough to hit that kind of a shot ever again, there is no one else other than s1mple who comes to mind.

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