EliGE Complains to Valve About Unsolved CS:GO Bug From 2019

EliGE Complains to Valve About Unsolved CS:GO Bug From 2019

Aditya Singh Rawat
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  • EliGE complains to Valve about an unsolved CS:GO bug that affects game performance.
  • The bug has been present in-game since 2019 and seems to have only gotten worse ever since.
  • The CS:GO community has found multiple simple workaround solutions for the problem as Valve fails to solve this issue permanently.

Team Liquid rifler Jonathan "EliGE" Jablonowski has provided an already disappointed CS:GO community a new reason to be upset with Valve. On Jan 17, the North American professional came forward to point out how CS:GO developers had failed to fix an old bug which directly impacted performance by suddenly dropping the game’s frame rate (FPS).

Many community members came forward to acknowledge this point put forth by EliGE, agreeing that the problem had only increased since initially being discovered two years ago in 2019. The stuttering issue is easy to resolve and the community knows how to work around it, but the question remains that why won’t Valve just fix it permanently?

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EliGE complains to Valve about CS:GO bug

EliGE in Sep 2019 had brought to Valve’s notice a CS:GO bug which hampered the game’s performance by suddenly dropping the frame rate. This led to all sorts of problems for a player as the game would suddenly start stuttering irrespective of the system specifications.

Multiple simple workarounds to this problem had been found by the CS:GO users at the time, as the issue ran rampant without any fix being implemented by the developers. Some advised that simply pressing ‘Alt+Tab’ twice to switch between windows and CS:GO solved this problem, while some others like popular Twitch streamer Erik "fl0m" Flom suggested the use of 'logaddress_add 1'.

While these temporary solutions still work well against the bug, EliGE is quite upset that a proper permanent fix has not been implemented by Valve even after more than a year. Three days back on Jan 17 he asked Valve, “2021...how long until this (FPS bug) will be fixed CS:GO”.

EliGE Complains to Valve About Unsolved CS:GO Bug From 2019

He was flustered how such a small bug that directly impacts in-game performance could be ignored by Valve for such a long time. The fact that a player has to “pause and fix it every single time” made it all the more irritating because despite being something fixable Valve refrained from taking any action.

As per additional information given by EliGE himself, the problem exists in CS:GO itself and is not related to Windows. It is not exclusive to the official matchmaking serves and also happens on privately hosted servers, FACEIT, and ESEA.

EliGE Complains to Valve About Unsolved CS:GO Bug From 2019

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