CS:GO Developers Refuse to Add Dance Emotes Into The Game

CS:GO Developers Refuse to Add Dance Emotes Into The Game

Aditya Singh Rawat
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  • CS:GO developers publicly reject adding 'Dance Emotes' into the game.
  • This comes amid tensions between Valve and the CS:GO community over the removal of bots from certain game modes.
  • 'Dance Emotes' do exist for CS:GO but only on certain unofficial servers.

The community is still upset about Valve’s recent decision to remove CS:GO bots from the ‘Competitive’ and ‘Wingman’ game modes. But CS:GO developers recent response to a Tweet demanding in-game taunts in the form of ‘Dance Emotes’, seems to have relieved a bit of tension between the two.

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Dance Emotes Rejected By CS:GO Developers

CS:GO community was really upset with Valve after the last update as bots were removed from competitive gameplay. They made multiple posts on the subject across social media, stating how this is one of the worst moves ever made by Valve, and how developers instead of improving a broken system chose the easy way out by simply getting rid of it.

However, a recent move by CS:GO developers seems to have relieved a bit of this tension as they publicly came forward to reject an appeal of adding ‘Dance Emotes’ to CS:GO, put forth by Twitter personality ‘Haci’.

Such in-game taunts were made popular by Epic Games’ battle royale Fortnite, where players can equip different types of dance moves for their characters to perform in various situations like teasing an opponent, celebrating a kill, or at times maybe during a dance off as well.

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This type of taunts are not highly appreciated by the majority of the CS:GO community and they hope never to see their in-game characters dancing around the map. That said, there are some private CS:GO servers which are known to provide ‘Dance Emotes’ if the user is willing to pay the ‘premium account’ fees.

Killzone Gaming (KZG) is a non-profit gaming community that hosts a wide variety of servers in the oceanic region. They are a perfect example of private server hosting service that allows such custom taunts to be a part of their user experience, it is one of their highlights that sets them apart from the competition.

In such a format users generally do not mind pulling off some dance moves as it is not part of an official game and does not interfere with the precious competitive matchmaking. That being said a few users did have a few suggestions to offer on the subject, one of them pointing out that “If this (Dance Emotes) could be used after a round ends or when every player is dead, it could be the most monetizable thing ever to be in the game besides skins”.

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