Most Used Gear by CS:GO Pros: Monitor, Mouse, Keyboard, And More

Most Used Gear by CS:GO Pros: Monitor, Mouse, Keyboard, And More

Aditya Singh Rawat
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  • Here are the most used CS:GO peripherals and settings by professional CS:GO players.
  • The stats presented in the article below have been sourced from ProSettings from over 421 pros.
  • Comment below what gears and settings do you use for CS:GO.

CS:GO players are constantly on a lookout for the perfect settings and peripherals to gain every bit of an advantage possible both in and out of the game. For this, they usually turn up to see what their favorite CS:GO player or streamer is using in a bid to replicate a fraction of their skill or success.

Well, ProSettings has come forward to share with the CS:GO community a generalized version of what gear is being used by professional Counter-Strike players currently. They have listed out the most used Monitor, Mouse, Keyboard, Headphones, Mousepad, and even some of the in-game settings that CS:GO players in general are using.

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Most Used Gear And Settings By CS:GO Pros


This is hands down one of the most important peripheral for a professional CS:GO player. With a plethora of options available across the world, choosing the perfect mouse becomes a really difficult task. Players have to look at various factors like grip, comfort, weight, software capabilities, hardware efficiency, and more before selecting the one that fits them perfectly.

Here are the top four mouse that more than 50% of the CS:GO pros are currently using,

  1. Zowie EC
  2. Logitech G Pro Wireless
  3. Zowie FK
  4. Logitech G Pro X Superlight


Most of the high end keyboards are more or less the same and they do not have a huge impact on professional gameplay. Sure every player might have a preference of what features should be there in a keyboard, but at the end of the day this piece of hardware probably has the least impact on how a player performs.

Here are the top four keyboards that CS:GO pros are currently using,

  1. HyperX Alloy FPS (+FPS Pro)
  3. Logitech G Pro X
  4. Razer Blackwidow

Another really important piece of hardware are the headphones that are used by players. Sound is a huge part of CS:GO and almost all information within the game is acquired through this medium. So, players like to select their headphones really cautiously and unlike other peripherals like to stick with the same pair for as long as possible.

Here are the top four headphones that CS:GO pros are currently using,

  1. HyperX Cloud II
  2. Logitech G Pro X
  3. HyperX Cloud Alpha
  4. Sennheiser GSP 600


As this is the only piece of equipment that CS:GO pros cannot travel with, they usually prefer to use the same monitors that most of the organizers tend to use. The industry standard still continues to be Zowie monitors, specifically the Zowie XL2546 and Zowie XL2540. Though some of the pros have started switching over to the new 360 Hz monitors by Asus and Alienware.

Here are the top four monitors that CS:GO pros are currently using,

  1. Zowie XL2546
  2. Zowie XL2540
  3. Zowie XL2546K
  4. ASUS PG259QN


This gear too mostly depends on a players preference with there generally being only two versions of a mousepad; Speed and Control. So each player according to his/her own in-game sensitivity and the mouse being used, chooses their mousepad.

Here are the top four mousepads that CS:GO pros are currently using,

  1. SteelSeries QCK Heavy
  2. Zowie G-SR
  3. Zowie G-SR-SE
  4. Logitech G640


When it comes to in-game settings more than 50% CS:GO pros have a DPI of 400 while only 6% use a DPI of 1600. Talking about the EDPI of CS:GO pros the average is about 889, riflers having an average EDPI of 859 while AWPers preferring a higher average EDPI of about 997.

Note: EDPI is nothing but a combination of a player’s mouse DPI and in-game sensitivity i.e. EDPI = DPI * In-game Sensitivity.

Hope that these stats were able to provide some sort of guidance to all those players who are looking to change their gear or simply give everyone an idea of what the professional CS:GO players are currently using, shifts in trends, and some changes that might not have been the case a couple of years ago.

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